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In case you missed the news, we are expecting baby #3 this January! In my past two pregnancies, this was the week when we’ve found out the gender.

We’ve opted to keep this baby’s gender a surprise (although I reserve the right to change my mind), so I’m getting a little antsy, being only (almost) halfway through the pregnancy. This “gender surprise” business is hard!

Today I will be sharing some neutral nursery ideas that I find inspiring. While the baby likely won’t have it’s own room for now, we will be transforming a wall and corner of our current master bedroom into a “nursery” until we finish our future master bedroom above the garage.

You will notice by my roundup that by neutral I mean white, cream, gray, and wood. Although they are traditional “gender neutral” colors, I am not big on green (after all, with two boys already I’ve already had my fair share of green), and I’m really not a fan of bright yellow. I always consider blue pretty neutral, and even after two boys, I haven’t had enough. Blue is my favorite color!

1. Jenny Steffens Hobick’s Soft & Neutral Nursery

Jenny Steffens Hobick's Soft & Neutral Nursery

I always admire the elegance of everything that Jenny Steffens Hobick puts together, and this nursery is certainly no exception. She created a room that would be perfectly soothing to a baby and new parents. You can learn more about this nursery here

2. Collected Neutral Nursery from Sadie Olive

The Sadie Olive shop is full of beautiful treasures, so it’s no surprise that they would curate such a beautiful collection of new and old for this nursery. 

3. Classic and Simple Nursery from Gracie Blue Photography

There’s so much to love about this nursery photographed by Gracie Blue Photography. This rustic wood buffet repurposed as a changing table is an idea that can grow with baby! 






Did you find out (or are you planning to find out) your baby’s gender? Or are you keeping it a surprise too? I’d love to hear from other mamas (and dads!) in the comments!

For more neutral nursery inspiration check out my board on Pinterest!

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Neutral Nursery Favorites:

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I love the color on the wall! Do you know what it is? Thanks!!

Where can I purchase the pillow on the rocking chair with A B C on it?

Hi Lynda! You’d have to check with the original photo source- It’s her lovely nursery!

Came across your post via Pinterest. Congratulations on #3! I’m pregnant with my first, due in a month, and we aren’t finding out the gender. We live in India at the moment for a work assignment and it’s illegal to find out the gender here, but even if we could, we wouldn’t. Someone once said to my husband, “you only get so many happy surprises in your life; why purposely take away one of them?” It’s a good way to look at it and may help you get through to January with less anxiety :) good luck!!

[…] I mentioned how challenging not finding out the baby’s gender was becoming for me in my 25 Neutral Nursery Ideas post. I am a planner… and in reality, I don’t love surprises. I was simply going crazy. […]

Such beautiful ideas!! We haven’t ever found out what we were expecting…all 5 of our children were gender surprises. It’s actually a lot of fun to wait and such a huge surprise when you deliver & the Doctor announces the gender. =)

Thank you so much Amanda! How fun to have had all of your babies be a surprise!!:) I always thought I “needed” to know, but the lack of anticipation for the ultrasound has actually been pretty relaxing!

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