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BHG3It feels a little surreal to even be writing this, but our kitchen, breakfast nook, and pantry are featured in the August 2016 issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine! To see our projects in print is a feeling like none other that I’ve experienced professionally. This was one of my biggest goals as a blogger, and I can hardly believe it came to pass.


You can find the issue on newsstands now to read the entire article. How perfect is it that the cover photo is hydrangeas? My most favorite flower in the world, and also Mack and I’s wedding flower seven years ago.

Along with the exciting feature and whirlwind of this article, I have another exciting announcement… I will be writing for Better Homes and Gardens as a digital contributor! I was going to wait to make the announcement when my profile on BHG.com went live but I can’t even wait.

So what this means is that you will see articles written by yours truly right on BHG.com, alongside other writers and contributors. I will continue to write this blog, of course, but I can also add the exciting title of “Contributor to Better Homes and Gardens” to my resume… Pinch me.

I am so thankful and in awe of these incredible opportunities. When I set out to start a blog, I never imagined it would be read at all, never mind that I would eventually be partnered with my favorite brands and magazines. Thank you so much to those of you who have followed along on this crazy and exciting journey. Having such a loyal support network of readers, fellow bloggers, friends, and family has made all of the difference in the world!


As always, I can’t end this post without thanking Mack. He always sees and understands my vision for our home, has an incredible amount of patience for my indecisiveness, and works tirelessly with me to bring our ideas to life. I couldn’t have imagined that the boy I met at a lakeside dock ten years ago would be my perfect partner in life. I feel incredibly lucky that we found each other so early on, and that we are on this crazy adventure together.


  1. Alana Says

    Congratulations! I’m new here, looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful ideas and talent.

    1. Nina Says

      Post author

      Thank you so much, Alana, and welcome!

  2. Denise H. Says

    As soon as I received your email I quickly opened my August BHG magazine. I am thrilled for you Nina. Congratulations!
    Coincidentally…..Yesterday I completed my own cabinet makeover. I am so glad I found your blog through Pinterest. We recently had purchased a beautiful large cabinet off of Craigslist. Since it was made of oak my first priority was to paint it a shade of white using INSL-X Cabinet Coat. I’ve used this paint in the past, but having your instructions proved invaluable to both hide the ugly oak grain and to create a slick glossy finish with the paint.
    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Nina Says

      Post author

      Thank you so much, Denise! And a big congrats on finishing your cabinet makeover- what a feeling of relief that must be, I remember it well :) So happy to have helped, I hope you are enjoying it!

  3. Jessica Says

    Congratulations!! I am new to your blog and I love your home. I especially love that you have some natural wood furniture!!

    1. Nina Says

      Post author

      Welcome, Jessica! We definitely love natural wood furniture around here :)

  4. Deborah Yeary Says

    I just got my copy bhg yesterday. I hope to look through here and see all your Diy projects. Your home is lovely.

    1. Nina Says

      Post author

      Thank you so much, Deborah!

  5. mrsben Says

    Congratulations Nina. Well earned!!!!! -Brenda-

    P.S.: A question: As I am in the midst of upgrading my home and am in the process of re-configuring the layout of my kitchen I am wondering if you would share a) the distance your stove is located from the corner (filler used) b) if you find its proximity to the adjacent cabinet a little tight when opening the drawers/doors c) are the base cabinets a standard depth? I am hoping to use a 30″ wide, slide-in range however in one layout where it could be located near a corner I am apprehensive about it being an obstruction as referred to in b). THANK YOU so much.

    1. Nina Says

      Post author

      Hi Brenda, and thank you! I’m actually away at our Camp for the summer- but I can tell you that we cannot open the kitchen cabinet and drawer to the right of the cabinet all of the way. It was like that with the previous range, too. It’s something that would require a new layout to fix, which wasn’t in the cards for us!

      1. mrsben Says

        Regarding my question; thank you so much Nina for your reply and confirming my suspicion. With much appreciation of you taking the time to do so. Enjoying your blog and wishing you a beautiful day! -Brenda-

  6. Sharon Says

    Congratulations Nina!!! Looking forward to hearing more about your journey!
    S. Baldwin ????

    1. Nina Says

      Post author

      Thank you so much, Sharon!

  7. Nancie Says

    Congrats, Nina,, you deserve it!

    1. Nina Says

      Post author

      Thank you so much, Nancie!