are you overwhelmed by all of the home things ?

You want to begin to decorate and pull your house together in a cohesive style, but you aren't sure where to start. You want a home that's beautiful but doesn't look like every other house on Instagram. You want a house that you feel connected to, an actual home. Not only do you want your home to be beautiful, you also want it to be meaningful. Ultimately, you want to create a space that's comfortable and relaxed to enjoy with your family and friends.

Picture meeting up with a group of your closest friends for coffee whenever you want and chatting about all things home, solving these decor dilemmas and more, and trading your best home decor tricks.

That's our vision for the Heart of Home Community!

What is the Heart of Home Community all about?

The Heart of Home Community is an home-focused Facebook group, exclusively for subscribers, hosted by Nina Hendrick Design Co. We believe in helping and empowering you to create a home filled with meaning and beauty. We created this group to foster community, encourage discussions on how we bring meaning to our homes, provide home-related advice, and inspire each other as we transform houses into homes.

what you can expect

  • an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere
  • encouragement
  • productive and respectful conversation
  • to help others and receive help in return
  • an honest look at real life behind the designs, not just "a pretty picture"
  • discussion that puts the meaning of our homes first and the beauty as a by-product