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The Everyday Planner 2019-2020

The Everyday Planner printable planner for 2019-2020 is now available for download! Print, organize, plan and tackle goals like never before. Turn your wishes into goals and those goals into successes with our tried-and-true system.

I’m always searching for new and better ways to organize, but there’s one method that works for me from year-to-year, no matter what. That method is using a paper planner.

printable planners with goal setting

The Everyday Planner

It’s that time again! The Everyday Planner has launched for 2019-2020, and I wanted to share some of the features with you today. While the design is similar to the previous, I want to take you on a walkthrough of the planner. I’m so excited to help people balance their daily lives and go after their goals more successfully than ever before.

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Printable Planner with hydrangea watercolor cover.

Watercolor Hydrangea Cover

This year I painted some watercolor hydrangeas and created a cover. I’m pretty sure it’s my favorite cover yet!

The Everyday Planner Printable in full page and half page sizes.

Two Sizes in One Purchase

One request that I’ve heard loud and clear is that many people prefer a smaller, half-page option for a planner as well as having the larger full-page desktop version. You get both in one purchase. The Junior size is perfect for slipping into a purse or book bag. The Full Page is a great one to live at your desk!


The Everyday Planner 2020 weekly layout

With this planner, I strived to balance all of the things that we try to organize in a day without losing sight of our bigger goals. For most of us, it’s an overlap of family responsibilities, household tasks, business/blogging, health…

  • New! Gratitude Section to record one great thing each day.
  • As always, all pages are pre-dated.
  • They include a space below the date for a holiday or special occasion (the planner is pre-filled with Major & US Holidays).
  • The Important section can be used for your biggest reminder of the day. If I don’t have anything big due, I fill it in with encouragement.
  • The Focus section highlights the top three things you need to accomplish in a day.
  • The Schedule is your time blocking section, with spaces for early and late appointments or tasks.
  • The Meal section coordinates with your meal planning, so you always have a quick reference.
  • The Action Steps section is your to-do list. Transfer anything that doesn’t get accomplished one day into the next! These should be a mix of your daily tasks and things that will progress you to your bigger goals.
  • The Health section is a great way to track your water intake and exercise. While some days they make me cringe, I know that they are as important as everything else in my life and I need the reminder! I was shocked by how much more I was pushed to stay on track when I began seeing these reminders daily.
  • Condensed Weekends feature a spot for special occasions and holidays,  to-do list, dinner, and health. Feedback from last year’s time blocking planner informed me that the majority don’t need a schedule on the weekend, and I completely agree!
  • At-A-Glance calendars show the current and following month.

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Printable Planner with Junior Monthly Layout

Monthly Pages

The monthly pages retained their classic layout. I have always received great feedback on the calendars, and I love them myself- there’s no reason to mess with a good thing! The one small thing I did change was to make the calendar lines bolder, per your request. Both sizes of the planner feature the same monthly design (the junior planner is shown here).

Printable the Everyday Planner with an important dates and holidays page.

Goal Setting

A big theme in this planner is goal planning. It’s so easy to lose sight of our biggest goals during the day-to-day, so I devised this system of starting big with a five-year vision exercise and narrowing down the goals until you are adding them into your daily action list.

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Other Information

As with all of the previous versions, this planner is a printable PDF. This means that you won’t be mailed a planner, but rather you will be emailed a digital product. There is a support site that includes instructions and videos for printing.

Before we go, I feel like I may need to address the neutral design! It’s so much more refreshing to have a blank slate to allow for creativity to flow. I have received many many requests for neutral design over the years- especially from the guys! I’ve also received quite a lot of feedback over the years regarding the use of ink. This design certainly saves money on ink and makes printing services more reasonable than ever before.

You can read more here about how I assembled my planner this year and which materials I used.

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The Everyday Planner 2020

Printable The Everyday Planner with watercolor hydrangea Cover


  1. Denise Doan Says

    I couldn’t be more excited to stumble across your website…it’s a true inspiration and absolutely loved the way you summed it up by saying “ It’s a labor of love”. Simply Perfect!

  2. Kim Garcia Says

    Can the same hole punch be used for the junior planner?

    1. Nina Says

      Post author

      Yes! There are sliding brackets on the punch that show where to line up the half-sized pages.

  3. Tara Grant Says

    Hello! What is the difference in the Blogger Edition?

    1. Nina Says

      Post author

      The Blogger pages are an add-on, undated, and includes worksheets that can be used year after year! The base planner contains the calendars and schedules.

  4. Latisha Renee Says

    Oh, you are so much of my personality! Your EveryDay Planner is exactly who I am and what I am looking for. Thank you for its neutrality, focus, and clean lines. I need a lot of calm and clarity in my life. All those planners with those rainbow colors – is too much for me.