Favorite Planner Accessories


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I get so many questions about my favorite supplies for organizing The Everyday Planner™. I’ve created this handy guide, which I will update as needed, on the materials I use to organize my planners!


For Printing

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I use an HP Envy Printer for all of my printing. I opted for the all-in-one unit because it was only slightly more expensive than the printer alone. Printing the full-page planner is pretty straightforward, you simply need the standard paper. I recommend the 32 lb weight because it’s a little less likely to suffer from bleedthrough from felt-tipped pens.

For the Junior Planner you have two options- you can either buy half-page paper pre-cut or cut your own with the paper slicer. I opt to buy mine pre-cut, because I can never seem to get the paper to stay at the correct dimensions!

I also use cardstock for the cover. I find it holds up a bit better when printed on thicker paper.

Discbound System

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I have used a discbound system (Arc, Martha Stewart, Levenger)  for five years now, and it is by far my most highly recommended system for organizing planners and other printables. I used the aqua Martha Stewart accessories for many years, but when they released the gray I was excited to have something a little more neutral.

6-Ring System (for Junior Planner)

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The 6-ring system (Filofax, Webster, etc.) was recommended to me to try this year. The jury is still out- but I’m pretty sure I prefer my discbound system. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the system, but why mess with a good thing? If you happen to prefer a 6-ring system, these are the items I tried.

Other Planner Accessories

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