"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth."

muhammad ali

When you improve your home with Nina Hendrick Design Co., you're helping to shelter those in need and provide them with a better future. With every product you purchase, we make a contribution to achieving our vision of a better world. Together, this is how we're improving lives:

   I talk a lot about my mission here at Nina Hendrick Design Co., which is to help women create meaningful homes and celebrate and gather to create memorable occasions with those they care about. 

   But what if they don’t have a home? For far too many people around the world, and even as close as our hometowns, that's a reality. I realize every single day that we’re lucky to have these homes to not only improve and decorate but on their most basic level to shelter our family and provide us a place that’s safe from harm. I believe that every human being should have this basic foundation. That’s why homelessness is a national and global problem I am committed to overcoming.

   With this in mind, I am proud to support Habitat for Humanity. Ten percent of profits from DesignBox and our virtual products in Nina Hendrick Design Co. Academy go straight to this wonderful organization. As my business grows I am committed to contributing more in both funding and time. 

   My dream for this world is one where every single person has a safe home that brings them joy. I believe this is the foundation that every person needs to thrive. If you share this vision, I invite you to join me in service.

From my home to yours,

Nina Hendrick

The Statistics

It’s estimated that 1.6 billion people, more than 20 percent of the world’s population, may lack adequate housing.

Source: Yale University

According to UN sources, there are up to 150 million homeless children living on the streets in the world today. 

Source: UNESCO

In the United States alone, 95 million people have housing problems.

On a single night in 2017
553,742 people were experiencing homelessness in the United States.

In 2017 homelessness increased in the U.S. for the first time in seven years.

Source: U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Why Habitat for Humanity

We choose to support Habitat for Humanity because we share their belief that proper shelter is the foundation on which families and communities thrive. We agree with their commitment to not just providing shelter, but looking beyond to help families develop the proper skills that will lead to self-reliance. We have the same dream that every child will be able to experience the innocence and joy of a carefree childhood.

Since their founding in 1976, Habitat has helped more than 13.2 million people obtain a safer place to sleep at night.

In 2017 they helped nearly 3.5 million people improve their living conditions.

An additional 2.6 million now have the potential to do so, thanks to advocacy efforts and the information and training they provide.

Source: Habitat for Humanity Annual Report 2017