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My major weight loss journey is coming to a close! My goal was to reach a point that I was no longer overweight within nine months. I am now within a normal weight range and more importantly at a weight that my doctor is happy with. My blood pressure is stabilized without medication. I feel much more confident in general and excited about clothes for basically the first time in my life. A lot of people have told me that I look like a completely different person. I consider that a metamorphosis– goal accomplished! That is not to say that I don’t still have a few pesky “last few pounds” I want to lose, as well as strength goals, but those are much smaller and long term. 

If you’re wondering why you’re seeing a fitness and weight loss post on a decor blog, it’s because I am embarking on a nine-month lifestyle change. You can see my other posts here. I’ve decided that becoming a healthy person is the missing puzzle piece to finding greater success and happiness in all parts of my life. I’m sharing my journey in hopes to inspire someone who may be in the same position that I am, and also for accountability. Don’t worry, we will be back to our regularly scheduled decor and organizing posts next. :)

As a quick follow up to my post last month, I had been struggling with some female health issues and I underwent surgery to remove an ovarian cyst in mid-August. My doctor was convinced I had endometriosis, but it turns out that I do not. The surgery went very well and the cyst turned out to be a different, rare (luckily benign!) tumor that may very likely have caused my endometriosis-like symptoms. I have already seen an improvement in the past couple of weeks. Thank you so much to those of you who shared your stories and support, it really means so much! It can be a strange thing to be a female, but to have such a supportive community of women reaffirmed that there are answers out there! 

I thought I would take the opportunity in this (final, for now) healthy life update to address my philosophy on balancing baking, weight loss, exercise, indulgence, and generally living life in the future.

A few of those who have followed along with my 50+ pound weight loss journey closely since January were a bit confused and upset by my recipe this week, so I hope this gives a little insight into where I’m coming from and how it will apply to the blog moving forward. They expressed disappointment via email and assumed I threw the whole weight loss thing out the window. However, that is simply not the case. Since my blog began I have shared dessert recipes, and from my perspective, it was time (both in my weight loss process and seasonally) to return to regular business. I never set out to be a health blogger (in fact, I intentionally put that same disclaimer above in every health post since the beginning) and I have no desire or intention to ever become one. That isn’t a dig to health bloggers, as I do enjoy following along, it’s just knowing where my passions lie. I shared this weight loss process simply because I share a “word” each year (goal setting is another passion for me!) and metamorphosis is the one for this year. I know a lot of people could relate and I (correctly) believed it was the next step on my path of personal growth, wellness, and confidence. It was never stated or even implied that I would never return to baking delicious treats again. I actually mentioned in an earlier health post how much I missed it! Quite honestly, baking and food photography is more enjoyable to me than even eating desserts. The post this week reaffirmed that sharing recipes is something I will continue to do, and perhaps even do more of than I have previously. I have received requests to share some of the recipes I use to feed my family regularly and entertain- which includes lighter and healthier options. I’m more than happy to do that in addition to my favorite baking! 

An important thing that I’ve discovered in this process is that for me, healthy eating isn’t black and white, and it doesn’t just involve healthy food. I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum. I’ve eaten so many things so often that I became obese. I’ve starved and limited myself to the point where food made me miserable. Neither place is a healthy one. Sustainable healthy eating for me is somewhere in the middle. Removing emotional connections from eating and striking a balance of moderation has been the absolute key. I also think a healthy relationship with food involves some indulgences. I enjoy, but then I move on and start to eat Paleo again at my next meal. I believe that exercise plays an invaluable role in allowing me to do that while still losing weight consistently. Staying active and activating my metabolism have made all of the difference in this process. I will continue to strike that balance until I ultimately reach a point of maintenance. I may share an update in the future (maybe even work up the nerve to post before and afters!), but for now, that’s the plan.

I want to thank you so much for following along with this process and sharing your support along the way! It has really been so helpful. If you are still on the journey, I wish you the very best. I know that with consistency you will get to where you want to be as well! 


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I have followed along and am excited you’ve reached your goal! While I haven’t been on a journey to lose weight, I have been on a journey to get healthier this year due to chronic illnesses. I’ve learned it is absolutely individual in terms of what you should or shouldn’t eat. For me, after eliminating certain foods out of my diet, I was better able to understand my body when I added them back in. Wheat – even organic sprouted wheat – increased my physical pain while sugar went right through me (no fun). And organic, grass-fed dairy in moderation is fine for me, but not every day like I used to. I’ve gone completely GMO-free and that has increased my energy and I can’t stop praising God for it!

To comment on your baking desserts, you know there are a lot of really great recipes out there that are healthier! You might love Dana at Minimalist Baker dot com. Not only does she bake some great, healthy desserts, but she also teaches food photography. I don’t generally follow recipe sites because I find I can’t eat a majority of the recipes so I just print off a good one when needed. However, I follow Dana. :-)

Could not agree more about a moderate and balanced diet. Any diet plan that severely restricts any food group will ultimately fail. You have to change the way you think about food and your body. Portion control, an active lifestyle, and choosing the right foods 98% of the time is what a healthy lifestyle is all about. Having that occasional guilt free dessert or other rarely eaten food is one of the rewards of a healthy lifestyle.

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