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Another month gone by! I would say that April was the most challenging month so far since I started this weight loss process. I knew that it would not be easy, with two trips. Naturally, even with the best-laid plans, there were some diversions from my strict path.

If you’re wondering why you’re seeing a fitness and weight loss post on a decor blog, it’s because I am embarking on a lifestyle change. The weight loss portion will last for nine months, but the healthier habits will extend to the rest of my life. You can see the other months here. I’ve decided that becoming a healthy person is the missing puzzle piece to finding greater success and happiness in all parts of my life. I’m sharing my journey in hopes to inspire someone who may be in the same position that I am, and also for accountability. Don’t worry, we will be back to our regularly scheduled decor and organizing posts next. :)

In Texas, I tried to make as many good decisions as I could. From an exercise perspective, we were moving nonstop working on the Lowe’s Makeover, so I think that helped offset the diversions. I did try the cupcakes at Magnolia Market (more on that in another post!) and I have zero regrets. On my scale of things that are “worth it”, those definitely were at the top. I couldn’t resist at least trying Tex-Mex (Mexican food is my favorite), so one night I had a meal with friends that included fried and cheesy food and margaritas. I went right back healthy eating the next morning! 

Ireland was a bit more of a challenge. I did as well as I could, I think. I balanced as many healthy decisions as possible with trying local specialties. Sometimes there was just not a menu option that was on plan, and other times I adopted a “When in Rome” mentality. Brown bread was delicious, and of course, I had fish and chips. I did mostly skip dessert the entire trip, other than trying Irish coffee and a tiny ice cream cone at one point. Dairy is not my friend, so both went into the “not worth it” category. Irish Breakfasts, however, were another story. They are perfectly on plan, and I loved how filling they were. I think having a protein-packed breakfast is the key (even when I’m not on vacation). While I never used a gym while we were on the trip, we certainly moved. The stairs at the castle we rented helped me burn a crazy number of calories each day, as recorded by my Fitbit. 

All of that being said, even though I felt like I lost my way nutritionally a bit in April, I did still manage to lose 4 pounds. I was so scared to step on the scale, and I was truly shocked to see that I still managed to lose weight. I had just been hopeful that I hadn’t gained, so a continued loss (even a smaller one) was well beyond my expectations! I think I have my reactivated metabolism to thank, but I certainly can’t rely on that too heavily moving forward. 

Since returning, I’ve struggled with the self-control I had developed so nicely. I had one or two cheat meals total between January and April, but now I feel like I’m more susceptible to letting myself have one. I’ve also been reluctant to complete my cardio. I really have to force myself to use the Peloton, and last week I only did it once. I used to do two cardio days at the gym, but now I only do one cardio and two strength, so the cardio on my own time is crucial.  I’ve resolved to buckle down for the next 24 days (can’t wait to share where I’m going after that!) and eat healthier food and exercise more. 

I’ve come so far in this journey, but I know the signs of myself slipping. That might sound strange since last month was still technically a “success”, but I know myself. I am at the exact weight that I’ve gotten to before and then grown complacent. I need to redirect and push myself because I’m not at my healthy weight yet. I’m determined to see this through and achieve my goals this time!

Total Pounds lost in April: 4 
Pounds lost since January 1: 42

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I’m a little late in responding, but am looking forward to hearing about the secret place you went. I’m thinking it’ll be something I’m jealous of, lol! It’s nice to read that you weren’t beating yourself up for enjoying local cuisine on vacay/while traveling. Once we beat ourselves up – for ANY kind of “missed” goal – that’s when we start sliding downhill. And you did much better than I think I would have. Traveling always messes me up! :-)

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