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You can probably guess what our latest project is, just from the title alone… Yup, we’re in the process of moving the laundry room upstairs in order to make space for a real mudroom. I can honestly say I’ve never been more excited about a project- because this is going to change our life! No more hauling laundry up and down the stairs- no more trying to haul bags of groceries over baskets of laundry. No more tripping over shoes and boots and backpacks in the middle of the hall to the garage! Woohoo!

Mudroom Project: Moving the Laundry Room Upstairs | Everyday Enchanting

We have a pretty typical colonial floorplan in which the laundry is in a closet nook right next to the door out to the garage. This makes sense from a plumbing point of view, of course. However, with two boys coming in and dropping backpacks, muddy shoes, and sports gear, it is becoming quite a crowded space. In the winter, it’s a wreck.

Mudroom Project: Moving the Laundry Room Upstairs | Everyday Enchanting

Our current upstairs situation is also a bit silly. We have a giant unused space above the garage. It’s a little awkward to access it, as you can see in the current floorplan above, there’s a doorway inside our closet that leads to a hallway that wraps around our closet.  A lot of wasted space. We basically plan on reconfiguring the whole chunk of the second floor. Here’s the tentative plan:

Mudroom Project: Moving the Laundry Room Upstairs | Everyday Enchanting

It’s hard to believe that it’s the same space! As you can probably see, there’s a lot of changes in the works, but the one that impacts the laundry is reclaiming that awkward hallway area and a piece of the closet. We are tapping off of the plumbing from the master bath, which is actually perfectly located. The main challenge right now is the electrical for the dryer, which we are asking a licensed electrician friend to help with. At the moment, this new laundry room is not going to be fancy. We are simply planning to demo the two walls of our closet that are in the middle of the planned space, so I can use the washer and dryer, and then we are going to leave the project unfinished in order to work on the mudroom. We’ll complete the project when we tackle the entire master suite project.

The actual purpose of moving the laundry upstairs is to enlarge our Mudroom. This is one of the last rooms in need of an overhaul on the first floor. Above is a side-by-side (or actually one-on-top-of-the-other) comparison of the current laundry/mudroom and the planned enlarged mudroom. As you can see, we are also reconfiguring doorways- this serves purpose of creating a larger amount of space in the garage (my car space is a little tight with the strange multi-landing deck that we are currently dealing with to get into the house from the garage). We are also moving the doorway that currently leads to the backyard from the garage. We will be adding that door on the back wall of the mudroom. We plan on getting a door with a large window, to bring some much needed natural light into the space.

I’m going to approach this project a bit differently here on the blog than I have with our last few. I will be posting as we go, giving updates on the progress of the project. Since summer is here, we are probably a way off from a “big reveal”, so this is a more practical way to share the project!

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Nina is the owner & designer of Nina Hendrick Design Company and the Nina Hendrick blog. Along with her husband Mack, she is chronicling the journey of transforming their builder-grade 80s colonial into a modern day New England dream home. Nina and Mack live in the suburbs of Boston with their three children and golden retriever Lucy.


Hi. I came accross your website because I am actually wanting to move my laundry room DOWNSTAIRS! Funny, right? We moved from a townhouse and the laundry room was downstairs, by the kitchen. We bought this house, which has the laundry room upstairs, and I DO NOT like it. I hate having to go up and down the stairs for EVERY SINGLE NEW load of laundry! At the townhouse I would get laundry done in one day and now it takes me up to 3 days! Because before I would do laundry while I cooked and did things in the computer and played with my toddler. NOW I go upstairs, load the washer, then come downstairs to do other things and usually forget about laundry all together. I miss my laundry room downstairs… Yeap, I’m one of the few :)

That is too funny- and also timely! Today is supposed to be the big moving day upstairs for our washer & dryer! I am very much looking forward to it- but I think if the laundry was anywhere else on the first floor besides the entryway I would have been okay with it staying. I can definitely see where you are coming from!

Hi Nina! Just a quick question – may have missed it in a previous post – I was wondering where are you planning to move your laudry upstairs? I’m assuming you’ve figured out your game plan by now! :) I have a similar set up with the laundry right off the garage and I find that it is constantly becoming a dumping ground for bags, coats, and misc items. I don’t think I have much option of going upstairs, so I’m now debating stacking my washer and dryer in order to both mazimize the floor space and also to stop the clutter!

thanks and keep it up! I really enjoy your blog!

Whoever thought that a laundry room right off of the garage was a good idea, must have been a man. ;-) We had that same setup in our old house and it drove. me. crazy. I love your plans, and can see how they’ll be life changing! Friends of ours did something similar, and it’s amazing all of the space they have in their mudroom now that the washer/dryer have been moved. Wonderful! Can’t wait to see how it comes together.

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