Organizing Jumpstart: Thank You


You’re all signed up for the Organizing Jumpstart. Now we’re ready to lay the groundwork for an organized life!  The course will guide you through the process of decluttering each area of your home. In the meantime, let’s dive into envisioning our goals with a free printable…

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I have learned over time that success goes hand-in-hand with creating measurable, actionable goals. In terms of organizing, this translates to outlining your hopes and dreams in terms of a more orderly life and home and figuring out the steps it will take to get there.

Do you wish that you had more time to do things you enjoy? Do you hope to create systems that will help you create a more peaceful home? Is your closet an awful mess, and you’re sick of digging around to find what you’re looking for?

Those are thing things that you should brainstorm on this printable worksheet. Having a clear and defined vision will help you focus solely on what needs to be addressed during this journey.

If you think it would help, write in the comments to share some of your goals with me. Not only do I find that it helps me to stay motivated when I tell someone else about my goals, but I can also try my hardest to incorporate some of these goals into future posts to cheer you on!

I can’t wait to get started with you and to fill out this worksheet myself. A couple of my perpetual goals: create a laundry system that works, and organize all of our closets!

7 thoughts on “Organizing Jumpstart: Thank You

  1. I need to have everything organized in my office and have room on my desk to work on instead of facing a pile of papers there. I do have a good wall cabinet with lots of hanging folders which work best for me. The problem is that I use the office to house so many things, like a bed in there for my mom to be able to rest when she comes to our house. Also, I keep part of my husband;s office paperwork. I also store some of my sister;s and other family members’ papers. I also have lots of pictures in there.

  2. Overall I am pretty organized. I need to learn how to organize those around me without making them angry with me! I don’t want to make organization into a mini god, but I think a happy medium is acceptable!

  3. I need to organize my whole home. I feel like my business has taken over it and I am overwhelmed by the frequent discombobulation being unorganized brings. I definitely need this course. Thank you Nina!

  4. How do you face decluttering and downsizing 45 years of living when your beloved spouse dies unexpectedly? After the buckets of tears turn to cup-sized waterfalls, you organize! You plan, you make hard choices, and you find people to help with the physical jobs you can’t handle alone. And in this, I need all the help I can get. Looking forward to learning from your perspective.

  5. I have 2 year old twins an my whole house is crazy. I am so overwhelmed I just hide in my room or ignore it ALL.

  6. My house is generally well organized. It is my study that is such a mess. Anything that belongs to me gets dumped in my study by my daughter (which drives me crazy), even though it is the wrong room. It then takes me ages sorting it our. I have tons of paper that needs filing for work and home, but don’t get to it. My mom will be visiting from overseas in a few days, so I have to get cracking!!!

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