Printable Tree Farm Sign & Cozy Christmas Vignette

Get this customizable printable tree farm sign to celebrate the holidays! There’s also styling ideas for an adorable rustic & cozy Christmas vignette.

Are you team real tree or faux? It’s a hard call. Nothing beats the smell of a fresh Christmas tree. However, we also love our huge faux tree that we’ve been able to use year after year! It was the nostalgia of tree farms that inspired my printable tree farm sign and cozy Christmas vignette for today’s post. You can also grab the companion printable tags here!

Printable tree farm sign with red truck carrying Christmas tree in a rustic holiday vignette.

Originally published November 16, 2015

Are you thinking about getting your Christmas tree yet? We’ve historically gotten ours the weekend after Thanksgiving, but last year it was very last minute due to being in the final days of my pregnancy.

This year I’m already dreaming about it! I’ve always loved the magical experience of visiting a tree farm, drinking hot cocoa or cider, walking around in the chill searching for the perfect one, cutting down our tree, dragging to the car on a sled, then loading it up…

Customizable Printable Tree Farm Sign

 Cozy Christmas vignette featuring a framed printable tree farm sign, printer's tray, and vintage skis

These types of places do exist in New Hampshire, but by the time we were home with our tree, it had lost a lot of needles. Once we tried visiting a local tree farm here in Massachusetts, and we walked around in circles- every tree was smaller than 5 feet tall, and we were looking for a 10 footer for our family room.

So now we do the best of both worlds. We go with my parents to cut down their tree at a nice tree farm in New Hampshire and have that great family experience, the we set up our faux tree here at home year after year.

Rustic & Cozy Christmas Vignette

Rustic and cozy Christmas vignette with a wooden apothecary cabinet and a printable tree farm sign.

I created this rustic & cozy Christmas vignette in our foyer on the DIY card catalog cabinet next to the stairs. Since our entire house is under construction, I feel like I can’t go too crazy on the Christmas decorations yet, but I’m dipping my toe in. You can see more of my cozy Christmas decorating ideas here!

Here are some ideas for what you can include in your own rustic & cozy Christmas vignette:

  • mini tabletop Christmas trees
  • pine cones
  • antlers
  • mercury glass candles
  • miniature sleighs
Vintage wood printer's tray styled with holiday miniatures as part of a cozy Christmas vignette

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I loved filling in the vintage printer’s tray with fun little miniatures. To recreate a similar look, you can check the craft store for small Christmas accent pieces! Some are even beads.

My boys seem to have inherited my obsession with minis too and they are always rearranging them!

Printable tree farm sign in a rustic frame with tabletop tree and a red sled with a printer's tray.

I layered my DIY Window Mirror behind the printable tree farm sign and the printer’s tray. Layering elements of a vignette is my favorite way to add dimension.

Christmas garland wrapped around a stair bannister next to a cozy Christmas vignette.

I also draped an evergreen garland around the bannister. I filled it out with some extra evergreens from the yard.

Evergreen garland on a bannister with pine and star Christmas string lights

It is one of my favorite ways to make a garland seem more full. Another great trick is buying a bundle of tree clippings. Sometimes nurseries will even give them away for free!

Christmas arrangement in a 5-gallon crock with birch logs, greenery, red berries, and string lights.

I filled my favorite 5-gallon stoneware crock with a little arrangement of birch, Christmas tree clippings, berries, and a string of lights. It’s a simple idea that has since gone viral!

Grab the Customizable Printable Tree Farm Sign

I’ve provided a completed copy with my sample text, a copy with the name and date blank (if you know how to add text in Canva), and a copy with text that you can customize in Adobe Reader.

Note: If you’re here because you clicked on an old Pinterest pin that portrayed theses tags as free, I apologize for that confusion (and we didn’t mean to be misleading!). This blog has evolved many times over the past ten years since we began! We like to share free things with our newsletter subscribers from time to time, so it’s a good idea to stay on that list for fun surprises, but we no longer offer free printables directly on the blog.

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