Kitchen Plans & Sneak Peek

Last night I got a very wonderful birthday gift, something I have been waiting for since we moved in over a year ago…

We began painting our 80s orange tiger oak kitchen cabinets :)  WAHOOO!


Our prototype for this project is the Command Center upper cabinet. That mini-project is kind of the segue-way into updating the whole room! We used the Command Center to test out the various techniques with which to tackle this enormous project. And I’m very pleased to report that we have finally determined the best route for us! This is just a teaser post- once we do the big reveal (many months from now… just kidding! I hope…) I will walk through each and every step and material used!


We have also determined what will stay and what will go in Phase 1 of the Kitchen Project:



Stay, as I’m sure you guessed. However, they will not stay orange. I have spent hours and hours researching the best way to tackle this project, and which materials will give us the best results. Since the cabinets are sturdy and well-built, replacing them was both impractical and ridiculously expensive. In our price range, we would be replacing solid wood with fiber board. We opted to instead put in the extra work to transform the cabinets into something lighter and brighter!



Stay. This may be a bit of a surprise, if you have followed along from the start of this blog. As I have said in the past, anything dark is not my personal first choice in a kitchen (above the floor, that is). I am just in love with Carrara marble. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the current countertops- they are beautiful in their own way, and they are certainly in good shape. Mack loves them- and he is convinced that I will too once I see them with the white cabinets.



Goodbye! We have already started that project. We ended up having to take the whole piece of drywall behind the existing backsplash, since it was so damaged. I am convinced that the planned white subway tile will both help to reflect light, and will contrast just right with the countertops!



Divided. The dishwasher has pretty much reached the end of its lifespan. Things are leaving dirtier than they go in. The range has some pretty serious issues, which complicates my baking life significantly. However, the fridge is in perfectly good shape. So for a while, I suspect that my appliances will not match. But that’s okay- buying them one at a time allows me to spend a bit more than I would have if I bought them all at once.



Going. This also may be a bit of a surprise- I know it was to me, initially. But Mack feels, and I agree, that we would like to have the whole first floor have engineered wood floors to take full advantage of our new radiant heat. That is part of why we are trying to keep the costs of the kitchen remodel low- the new floors are going to be an expensive and time consuming project. I had planned on just staining the existing kitchen floor, but the more I think about it, the more I like the idea of new floors. It will be nice to have a seamless first floor.



Staying, at the time of this post. This was the only part of the whole thing that made me a bit sad. I was very much looking forward to my beloved Ikea Domsjo sink (which sadly had to be left behind at our first home). Whiny whiny whine, I know. I haven’t given up hope, I’m still planning to try to find some skilled masonry person to cut the countertop in place to make space for my sink and make my dreams come true. Whether this is reasonably priced, I don’t know.

So, it took a bit of compromise, but here is the updated list of our project plan:

Phase 1: (Now)

First off- Empty out the cabinets we will be working on. We are taking the kitchen one half at a time so we will never be kitchen-less.

– Remove backsplash and wire under cabinet lighting(lighting type to be determined…. I left that up to Mack since I really have no clue.)

We did a test run of this last night and determined that the whole wall area- drywall and all- will have to be removed in order to complete this part of the project. The backsplash pulled most of the wall off with it. We will be filling in the space left over with plywood or tile board of some type.

– Clean cabinets with a TSP substitute, remove cabinet door and drawers, and drill for new hardware.

We are changing out the exposed hinges for hidden soft close hinges. Since our cabinet overlay is a bit weird- 1/4″- we had to order special hinges. I will provide full details in the eventual tutorial for the whole project.

– Add crown molding and prep cabinets.

– Replace range hood and build cover.

– Prep doors and drawers, prime, and paint

– Prep, prime, and paint

– Add new subway tile backsplash

– Add new hardware, put cabinet doors and drawers back

– Replace either dishwasher or range

– Add storage solutions to some of the cabinets

– Build window seat in breakfast nook area

– Lay new dark walnut flooring

– Replace trim with white

– Post reveal!

Lot’s of exciting things! :)  As I said, everything is a compromise between my dreams and reality- especially when we are being so budget conscious about this project. But hey- that’s life! And I am really just so excited to have a brighter and happier kitchen! :) I know this project will have many phases- we are just getting started!


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  2. Nina, your ideas and plans are fabulous. And your vivacious personality shines through. I have been reading lots of your blog entries. Thank you. I found your blog on Pinterest, and I have major pantry envy!

    Just a little tip, when using the possessive “its”, the apostrophe is not used. The only time the apostrophe is used is as a contraction. “It’s” should only be used when you mean “it is”. In possessive, the apostrophe is omitted, “it’s lifespan” as used in the blog entry above, should just be “its lifespan.” Hope you don’t mind the grammar lesson, and no, I’m not an old English teacher! Just a woman who loves to decorate and has several young friends!

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