Red Christmas Truck Tags for Gifts

Download and print these printable vintage red Christmas truck gift tags. They will add an adorable accent to your holiday gifts!

You may have already caught the sweet red Christmas truck printable sign I shared as part of my 10 best cozy Christmas decorating ideas. These red Christmas truck tags make the perfect companion to label the presents under your tree!

Gift under Christmas tree with Red Truck gift tag

Red Christmas Truck Gift Tags

This antique style truck has become quite popular in the years since I painted this little guy, and you can find a ton of matching decor just about everywhere! It’s become a Christmas classic and for good reason.

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet and wrapping yet? If you’re reading this before December 24th, chances are that I haven’t. 

See the presents in the photos above? Time for a confession: I don’t do most of the wrapping. Mack does! I am terrible at it. You can always tell which ones are mine because they are lumpy and bumpy. It’s something I feel like I should be good at, considering I’m creative. Nope, not the case.

Who does the wrapping in your house? Let me know in the comments!

What I can do is create some cute tags, and we also utilize my handwriting during the Christmas wrapping effort. This year I created these cute little red Christmas truck gift tags, which match the earlier Christmas Tree Farm printable (which you can read about here)!

Red Christmas Truck Gift Tags

Note: If you’re here because you clicked on an old Pinterest pin that portrayed theses tags as free, I apologize for that confusion (and we didn’t mean to be misleading!). This blog has evolved many times over the past ten years since we began! We do like to share free things with our newsletter subscribers from time to time, so it’s a good idea to stay on that list for fun surprises, but we no longer offer free printables directly on the blog. 

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  1. Nina, so adorable! I am somewhat of a gift tag addict these days and a little red truck with a Christmas tree is so classic. I can’t wait to utilize these. Thank you so much for creating them. Speaking of wrapping gifts, I am totally with ya on wrapping. When I was younger I was in total awe of those volunteers at the mall wrapping up gifts. The paper was cut just right and the when they wrapped the gift the paper was tight and seamless. I should have definitely taken a seasonal job and learned how. I definitely have room for improvement! Luckily, these days…I can blame it on the elf in the North Pole! Happy Holidays friend!

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