These tips will keep your bathroom organized while still maintaining your favorite aesthetic! I’ve divided everything into 5 main tips so you can easily read through each one, or skip right to the one you need.

Yearly Declutter

You don’t need to throw away everything that’s causing clutter, but if you’re struggling with an overload of bathroom toiletries, chances are, it’s time for a fresh clean out. You’ll probably come across some full size products that are new, still good, and valuable, but they’ve been sitting unmoved underneath your sink collecting dust. Instead of throwing these away, offer them to your house guests.

Separate by Categories & Create Zones

When your stuff is nice and organized, it saves you space. You’ll want to group like products together, so that you can save your sanity when performing your bathroom routine everyday. This will ensure you know right where to find what you need, when you need it!

Follow the Trend that Makes Organization Fun

All of that cleaning out and grouping into categories is hard work. But it feels so good to get it done. And now you have the anticipated reward of getting to utilize fun containers and clever storage solutions. One of my favorite storage solutions? Clear acrylic containers!

Small Bathroom Storage Hacks

Seagrass baskets are all throughout my home, as they’re a big part of my New England coastal aesthetic. A nice-looking seagrass basket behind the toilet creates storage in style, and makes use of this otherwise wasted space. Another tip is to use wall hooks instead of a towel rack which saves tons of space! 

Hang Shelves Behind the Toilet

Hanging shelves on the wall behind the toilet is perfect if your bathroom’s a small space. Everyone wants the option to put at least a couple of purely decorative pieces in their bathroom, but if your countertop space is small, you may not have enough room. 

Bring in Extra Storage

Storage towers are a great option when your bathroom is lacking space. It gave us back the storage we needed, while taking up less floor space than the original linen closet. I love the look of this piece, which makes it an all around win-win! Utilizing baskets where you can will also offer stylish storage solutions.

Achieving bathroom organization that is functional and stylish doesn’t have to be the impossible task that you’d think. It doesn’t have to mean a year-long renovation, or spending your first born’s college fund either. Tap below to read the full post and make sure to follow along on Instagram @ninahendrickhome

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