For Mother’s Day this year, you really want to make Mom feel special. You want her day to start out with luxurious relaxation and peaceful reflection. You want to give her the royal treatment! After all, she is the queen of the house.

How to Make Breakfast in Bed

You'll Need: – A tray – Food – Drink – Linen or napkins – Silverware – Fresh flowers – Something sentimental

Trays and Food

Don’t have a tray handy? No need to stress. You can use a large cutting board, a serving platter, or even scoot a small side table up to her bed. For food, a special occasion breakfast will usually include a protein, and a carb or two. Make sure to mix sweet and savory foods.

Drink Ideas

If Mom is a coffee drinker, you’ll want to serve her favorite coffee or espresso drink. Be sure to use her favorite mug, and include any extras she may need, like cream or sweetener. If she’d like a mimosa, serve up that combination of orange juice and bubbly in a champagne flute for a lavish feel.

Break Out the Nice Linens and Silverware

The simple gesture of including a beautiful napkin or fancy linen will really make her breakfast tray feel special. You just need one! You’ll need to include the cutlery needed for the food items on your tray. A fork or a spoon might be obvious, but don’t forget to include a butter knife if she likes jam on her biscuit!

Fresh Flowers

You can put a full sized arrangement on her bedside table, like the beautiful tulips I have pictured, or include a short, petite vase on her breakfast tray. Either way, she’ll love the touch of greenery. You can't go wrong with roses, peonies, and tulips. 

Give Something From The Heart

Finish your breakfast tray by including something sentimental, like an original work of art, a card, or a letter expressing your appreciation. Make sure to really personalize it and take the time to articulate what she means to you.

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