Breakfast nook


Our breakfast nook is the heart of our home and also without a doubt the most hardworking space we have. It’s where we eat all of our meals, do homework, play games as a family, and visit with family and friends. My kids often just hang out here for fun.

Evergreen & Unobtrusive Wall Decor

While I absolutely loved the plate shelf from the original project, hat’s where my husband Mack sits and he was constantly hitting his head on it and it was just generally in his way. This was a simple case of function over form— the beautiful oil painting by my grandfather takes up much less space but still fits in well with the feel of this nook.

New Trestle Table for Better Bench Access

Our DIY cottage-style table made much more sense when it matched our kitchen island.  For our breakfast nook refresh, we knew we wanted a trestle style table to make it easier to access the bench (no legs are in the way as you’re trying to round the corner to sit on the bench).

The Chair Saga

I’ll start by saying that I absolutely loved our french-style x-back chairs and I also still have them. However, I was thoroughly sick and tired of trying to clean the fabric on the cushions after my kids smeared food on them. I also wanted to tie in with the contrast of the new iron chandelier

Bench Storage

Speaking of the bench, I finally put together the how-to after all of these years. I’m not calling it a tutorial, since our dimensions are likely unique, but I’m going to explain what we did so that hopefully, you can do the same.

Upholstered Bench & Classic Pillows

As I’ve shared in the past, our bench cushion was made locally and is upholstered with a removable Sunbrella cover. It’s not perfect, but it’s much better than I could have done. In the years since I’ve hired this cushion maker on Etsy for other projects.

You may be noticing that as I planned this breakfast nook refresh, I did so with my kids in mind. It’s really a no-brainer. Tap to read the full post and follow along with me on Instagram @ninahendrickhome for more!

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