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When it comes to Christmas decorating, the kitchen is often the best place to start. It’s the heart of the home and a place where everyone naturally gathers to make memories. For a classic Christmas look, the kitchen should be decked out with festive decorations that tie into the rest of the home.

Add Decor to Your Shelves

I added a small canvas print of a winter scene by my grandfather, red dishes and mugs, and a few sweet little red finches I bought a couple of years ago. They feel so whimsical and cheerful peeking out of random spots all around the room! A few simple decorations were all it took to give the shelves a festive holiday feel.

Red & White Classic Hutch Decor

The bright touches of red really stand out since the rest of the cabinet is pure white. It’s so stark that this spot almost has a Scandinavian feel! I repeated the red finches and berry springs from the floating shelves to tie different areas of the room together.

Decorate the Kitchen Window

I brought out the wooden horses that I’ve had for years and years and added them to our kitchen window bump-out to create a display behind the sink. I created a swag at their feet from faux evergreen branches mixed with some red holiday berries. To finish the look, I added some battery operated lights, which twinkle in the evenings.

Hot Chocolate Station

Start by setting up a small table, counter, or shelf area with a tray and an assortment of mugs. For the hot chocolate, choose a variety of flavors, such as classic, white chocolate, or peppermint. Storing them in a mason jar works great!

Hot Toddy Station

As a new companion to the hot chocolate station, we have a hot toddy station for the grown-ups. A hot toddy is a traditional mixed drink typically made of whiskey, boiling water, sugar, citrus, and spices. You can also add tea, like I planned to here.

Portable Island Decor Centerpiece

You can spruce up the kitchen island with a removable centerpiece featuring a little Christmas-themed village on a wooden two-tiered tray. The village includes a small snow-covered church, white porcelain houses and cottages, and a few trees. Adding a few white Christmas lights and a dusting of snow will add to the winter atmosphere.

I hope that these classic kitchen Christmas decor ideas sparked inspiration for how you can use a few simple touches to create a cozy holiday feel in your own home! Tap to read more if you like posts like these, and follow along with me on Instagram @ninahendrickhome!

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