Declutter Your Home

in four easy steps

Decluttering your home can be a daunting task, but it can also be an incredibly rewarding experience. It can be a great way to reduce stress and create a space that you can relax and enjoy.

1. Empty the Space

Removing everything at the onset also allows you to rethink your storage and develop a plan that works better for your life. It’s hard to envision a new solution when you’re staring at a closet that’s still filled with stuff. This step is the difference between making a space look decluttered and actually getting the results you want.

2. Sort it Out

I like to create 6 categories as I declutter my home: – Keep – Relocate – Donate – Recycle – Sell – Shred

3. Make a Plan

Look at what’s left and create a plan to put it away. Think about how you use each item, and how often. Daily use items should be front and center. Seasonal things can go on higher shelves.

4. Put Everything Away

By this final step, you should have a really clear idea of what exactly goes into the space. But continue to check in — does this item really belong here? Will it get used? Make sure every single item you put back is exactly where it belongs.

Want Some Help to Declutter Your Home?

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