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Creating beautiful shelves is the perfect way to add an eye-catching decorative element to any room. Whether you have an entire wall to cover or just a small corner, these shelf decor ideas can help you display your favorite items in style.

Display items you regularly use. That being said, you should also display items that look good on your shelves. Don't be afraid to add decorative items in addition to your functional ones!

Open Shelving

Add Greenery

Potted plants  really do bring a special energy to the space, and they’re great for adding pops of green to otherwise neutral decor. Use a variety of plant types, shapes, and sizes for the most depth.

With true designer appeal, it provides an instant increase in sophistication and class. Picture lights are flexible and can fit in with a variety of design styles

Add a Picture Light

Save Space with Hanging Racks and Hooks

This provides a solution to additional storage by giving you a place to hang things.ust make sure that everything you hang on the row is part of a cohesive color story.

Ready to start your shelf decorating journey? Remember function first, style second, and have a good time doing it! the link below to get my complete list of tips! 

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