How to decorate a bookshelf

in 5 easy steps

Not sure where to start with bookshelf decor? I’ve got just the inspiration you need. Whether your shelves are few or many, large or small, this blog will teach you simple ideas that make bookshelf decorating a breeze.

Add Larger Objects First 

Stagger the items between shelves. These will be items like baskets, bowls, and boxes.

Add Any Large Artwork

Larger artwork will need to be at the back of the shelf and will likely have small decorative items in front of it later on.

Add Your Books and Bookends

Choose whether you want to display your books in stacks or perfectly lined up.

Add Plants

Three is a great number and stagger them in placement between shelves to create visual interest.

Add Your Smaller Decor

Whether these are decorative objects, small picture frames, or momentos, fill in the spaces between with your smaller items.

I hope these fun ideas help you feel more equipped to take on the fun project of bookshelf decorating, and that the task seems significantly less daunting now. Click the link below for more bookshelf decor ideas! 

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