How to make a mood board

using canva

I can promise you that you don’t need to be a professional in order to create an interior design board that will help you achieve the space of your dreams. It’s so easy and fun and can be accomplished with free software, such as Canva.

What Should I Include in My Board?

– textiles and fabric swatches – area rugs – paint color palette or the overall color scheme – wood finishes – furnishings – home decor accessories – light fixtures

Keep Track of Links 

It’s important during this step to begin keeping track of item links that you've sourced for your mood board. I actually create a Google spreadsheet with the source information as well as a price to try to keep track of budget.

Open Template in Canva

I’ve created a handy template that you can make a copy of to use for your design. Once you’ve made a copy, you can go ahead and change the label. Like I mentioned, Canva has a ton of flexibility and is extremely user-friendly. I have the paid version for a couple of reasons — one is the ability to remove background from images.

Hopefully this gets you started, but if you want to learn more or download my free Canva template, you can click the link below! I have step by step instructions and a video tutorial  on how to create your perfect mood board with Canva. Happy planning!

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