How to start your

home makeover

Should you begin to makeover your home by organizing, decorating, or renovating? Here are three considerations to make plus a free quiz to help you figure out how to start your home makeover!

First: How do you want your home to feel?

At the end of the day, you want your home to be cohesive and tell a story. You have a vision of the experiences you want to have within your home, and how you want family and friends to feel when they walk through the front door. Getting a really firm grasp on that vision will help you answer this question and start your home makeover.

Narrow Your Focus

So how do you know which project to prioritize? Is your family drowning in clutter? Sometimes decluttering needs to be the very first step. Do you know your decorating style? It’s important to have that figured out ahead of time so that your projects are cohesive.

Take the Home Makeover Quiz

I developed this quiz to help you eliminate the overwhelm and choose the right path to begin your home makeover. Even if you’re interested in multiple topics, as a reminder: it’s usually a good idea to focus on one goal at a time. Tap the link below to get started!

I hope this quiz helps you to narrow your focus. Instead of being overwhelmed, you can set Home Goals that you can tackle in bite-sized pieces! Tap the link to check out this post for what you can DIY and what should be hired out in a home makeover, which can help give you some guidance.

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