Planning a kitchen makeover? This classic kitchen makeover adds a rustic touch with natural materials and timeless design. Get tips and tricks for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in your kitchen with wooden accents, vintage-inspired decor, and plenty of charm.

This project had highs and lows, successes and pivots. I learned A LOT. I gathered inspiration for years, and when the time, I knew exactly what I wanted. While Mack tackled parts of it himself, the majority of the project was completed by subcontractors.

White Kitchen Cabinets

We priced out fully custom built cabinetry, but instead went with semi-custom cabinets for budget reasons. The perimeter white cabinetry, including the hutch and panels for the built-in appliances, are from Shiloh cabinetry. We worked with a local semi-custom kitchen design center.

Built-In Hutch with Glass Doors

I loved the concept of a hutch with glass doors that looked almost like a china cabinet. It stores all of our silverware, linens, and the kids’ cups and plates. I sketched this hutch out on grid paper over a year ago, and although it definitely took some tweaking along the way, it’s pretty darn close to what I had imagined!

Kitchen Appliances

We went with new appliances that are professional-quality and have really solid warranties. Our range is a 36″ dual fuel propane and electric convection oven model from Wolf. So far, I absolutely love it. I’m excited to put that giant oven to the test with Thanksgiving!

Panel Ready Refrigerator

Our fridge is from Subzero. Again, it is panel-ready, and has two freezer drawers which I LOVE! We had a freezer drawer before, but it was deep and difficult to keep organized. This system works like a dream.

Kitchen Window Bumpout

The window bump out was one of the biggest pieces of this project and ultimately domino-ed into the most complications out of this entire kitchen makeover. It was worth it, though! I have always wanted more natural light in this room, and that mission was certainly accomplished. As you can see, my plants are loving it!

Stained Wood Kitchen Island

Although I love a good white kitchen, I also want to make sure that our kitchen makeover had warmth, character and texture. Our kitchen isn’t “technically” wide enough for an island, however, it looked really odd with the open space (plus there’s an air return vent in the middle of the floor). Although it looks tight in photos, our dishwasher has plenty of space to open, so that’s what matters!

Wood Open Shelving

I decided early on to forgo some upper cabinets in order to have open shelving that would allow more natural light into the room. I gained so much storage space with the new kitchen cabinets surrounding the refrigerator, so I really wasn’t concerned.

I hope you enjoyed this thorough look into our kitchen makeover. You can tap the link to read the full post and get all the details on this kitchen remodel. Follow along with me too on Instagram @ninahendrickhome! Happy decorating!

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