4 reasons why its important 

to know your decorating style

While it may seem like something frivolous, there are actually some really important and practical reasons for knowing what your decorating style is!

Your Room Impacts Your Mood

A room that fits your style will make you feel more at home and at ease. Even on a budget you can make your space feel like home!


Having a plan and sticking to it helps save you money in the long run. Instead of buying many things because they're cheap, consider shopping with intention to curb impulse buys.  

Things You "Like" vs. Your Decorating Style

Knowing your style also helps you stray away from buying things that don't match your style. You can like something and not have it match your decorating style!

Reduce Clutter

When you’re decorating with intention, you’re only buying to fill a specific role in your decorating plan and not adding to any clutter problems you may already be struggling with!

Knowing your decorating style is essential for creating the right atmosphere in your home and expressing your individual style. Still not sure what yours is? Click the link on the next slide and take my quiz! Here's to a happy home! 

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