Laundry room


I’ll admit, this room is pretty. However, nothing in the world will make me excited to do laundry, and that’s the hill I’ll die on— see the sign below. But there’s one thing I am excited about and it’s that I finally get to share our laundry room makeover with you!

We added the same planked wall treatment that we have in our dining room, albeit with thicker 8″ boards, and then used a paint sprayer to give everything a nice Benjamin Moore Simply White finish.

Our cabinets are from IKEA, which you probably already know are great for their affordability and nifty storage components. We decided to raise them up in order to go across the tops of the washer and dryer, which are on either side of the sink. This layout, my friend, was my biggest design mistake in this room.

If I could turn back the clock and do this laundry room makeover all over again, I’d put the washer and dryer together with a countertop above and have the sink down lower at normal counter height on the side. I love symmetry, and there are a LOT of laundry room makeover inspiration photos out there with the sink between the washer and dryer

I also don’t really like having the sink up so high. However, it’s been very convenient overall to have a utility sink. This is where I’ll often rinse out paintbrushes or soak stains.

Open Shelving

Now, I know from our kitchen renovation that open shelving is always controversial. As with our renovated kitchen, nope, I don’t regret having open shelving! I love using the rustic pine boards that are milled by our family friend Bernie in New Hampshire. Regarding storage, there’s more than I even fully use between the lower three cabinets.

Galvanized Clothes Hanging Rack

The second guess about our laundry room makeover mistakes that surprised me was respondents thinking that the drying rack doesn’t open. I think this was because of the perspective of the particular photo I shared. It opens fully, that’s why the shelf doesn’t go wall to wall as I had originally planned, and having the drying rack has been incredibly helpful!

Butcher Block Countertops

The final design mistake I made in this laundry room makeover is also pretty minor and livable, but worth mentioning. If I did this all over again, I wouldn’t choose butcher block counters. It may be that I really just don’t like butcher block. It has scratched easily even with a topcoat and needs to be refinished.

And there you have it! Tap the link to get the full source list for the laundry room and follow me on Instagram @ninahendrickhome for more! Happy decorating, friends!

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