Mantel decor ideas

If you’re looking to freshen up your living room this season, these mantel decor ideas are a great way to give your space a lift! 

Large Framed Art

Framed art has always been a popular option for mantel decor and serves as the backdrop for your mantel display. It’s a great way to fill this large space! If you're unsure about the art direction, opt for a landscape print or painting that appeals to your taste.

Can't decide between mounting a TV and hanging a framed art piece? Now you don't have to choose! All you have to do is purchase a frame for your TV and set the screen to the art of your choice.

A Large Framed Mirror

Round, square, rectangular, or arched – all shapes of mirrors look great above a fireplace mantel. But if you’re wanting to stay with the current trend, go with an arched mirror!

Garlands Year 'Round

Garlands a beautiful way to add in some greenery and create a lush and comforting vibe for your space. If you’re going to hang a TV above your mantel, a leafy garland is the perfect solution to hiding cords. Seasonal garlands are also an excellent way to decorate for holidays and changing seasons!

Glass Vases, Topiaries, & Candle Holders

Vases look great with greenery or empty. As an alternative to vases with greenery, try boxwood, olive, or thyme topiaries! Lastly, candles are a classic addition to any mantel. Whether you opt for an elegant tapered candlestick or pillar candles on a substantial holder, they're sure to dress up any mantel. Tip: Group objects in 3's to create balance!

Ready to implement these design ideas? Click the link below for my decor formula and design tutorial on how to create the perfect look for your mantel!

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