closet makeover

with ikea hack

Today I have this organized closet makeover to share with you! It includes an IKEA hack of the Hemnes china cabinet and bookcases to create a built-in and high-end closet look. With that being said, I realize my closet will probably only resonate with you if you’re more like me and favor a minimalist or capsule wardrobe.

IKEA Hemnes Closet Hack

Essentially, we assembled two of the Hemnes bookcases and one Hemnes china cabinet in white stain, anchored them to the walls, and then we wrapped 1×6″ trim around the bottom and painted it all Simply White to give the whole setup a built-in look. We connected three rods with brackets for hanging clothes.

Shoe & Dress Storage

The far-left bookcase holds all of my shoes. I removed the bottom shelf in order to make space for my taller hunter boots. Next, we hung one rod between for all of my long dresses. I have them arranged on space-saving velvet hangers in order of length for finding things as easily as possible. 

Cabinet Storage

The middle cabinet houses my jewelry (nothing fancy, trust me, so don’t rob me) which is currently in need of organizing on its own. It also stores shapewear and swimsuits and then sweaters in the deep bottom drawer.

Button Downs and Tops

I have my tops arranged on the higher rod. As I mentioned, I tend to keep things pared down. It’s a little funny to me looking at these photos how closely my clothes match my whole house color scheme. I didn’t remove anything for these photos, these are truly the colors I wear!

Sweater Storage

Last but not least, the bookcase to the right holds all three of my handbags (ha) plus more folded sweaters. If there’s anything I’m not a minimalist about clothes-wise, it’s sweaters. I left some of the shelves empty because that’s how it actually is!

Pant Storage

I have my skirts (and jeans, when I’m not wearing them) on the lower level. I actually keep a drawer for pants in my bureau and I’m planning to move things over, hence the extra hangers.

 That concludes my tour of this organized closet makeover. While I may make a couple of tweaks in the future like adding the baskets and perhaps swapping out the hardware (what’s on there came with the cabinet), it functions well for me! Tap to read the full post and follow along with me @ninahendrickhome for more! 

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