There are a few key elements that really make a room come alive and feel homey for me, but today I want to zoom in on Vignettes! The term “vignette” is not limited to home decor. A vignette can be a little section or small grouping of anything that is part of a larger whole. The vignette definition in decorating is essentially a sectioned off, small grouping of decorative objects.

Some examples of popular areas to place a vignette in your home are: – Built-in bookshelf or floating shelf – Fireplace mantel – Sideboard, buffet, or entryway table – Coffee table, ottoman, end table, sofa table, or accent table – Kitchen island or countertop

Step 1: Where do you want to put your vignette? 

Determine the perfect spot for your vignette. Look for an area of the room that feels “empty” or one that could use some decor sprucing.  See the list of popular vignette spots for inspiration!

Step 2: Pick Out Objects for Vignette

– What item caught your eye while window shopping the other day? – What personal mementos aren’t getting the spotlight they deserve? – What meaningful vintage family heirloom is hidden away in storage? -- Still stumped? You can’t go wrong with a candle, lamp, vase with fresh flowers, plant, stack of books, or framed print. 

Step 3: Decide How You Will Section it Off

– pacing your vignette objects close together will signify that they are a separate group. I recommend stacking and overlapping for a sharp designer look! – Putting your vignette objects on a tray is an easy and stylish way to contain them.

Tips for Creating Vignette:

 Make sure there’s height variation: Include objects of varying heights in your vignette. You can achieve this with books or risers. Use the “zig-zag” technique: tart with the tallest item in the middle as a focal point/anchor object, then the next tallest goes on the left, then the next tallest on the right, and continue to work your way down in this pattern.

More Tips: 

When in doubt, scoot your items closer together. Is your vignette not hitting the visual spot yet? Try moving everything closer together, and overlapping some of the items. Make sure your vignette items go together. Stick to a cohesive theme or color scheme within your vignette decor. Your accessories should “make sense” together.

With these easy breezy steps and simple styling rules, designing your vignette will be a cinch. Once it’s complete and ready to be shown off, I’d love to see your end result! Make sure to tag me on IG @ninahdenrickhome if you usr these tips. Happy decorating! 

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