An All-White Bed for Summer

We’ve finally made it to summer and we’ve made our way up to New Hampshire to spend the next several weeks at our home away from home- Camp. When summer is stretched out in front of us like this it seems like it will last forever, but we know all too well that it goes by too fast and the leaves will be changing color before we know it.

Along with soaking up the season with my family, this year I’ve decided to really work on decorating the Camp. After all, that is my version of fun! I would love for it to have a combination of newly purchased and meaningful decor throughout the space to truly reflect our family and the wonderful heritage that my children have here. Since it is a log cabin and we won’t be altering the wood in any way, it provides a new and interesting design challenge for me.

I partnered with Annie Selke’s Pine Cone Hill for this post, but all opinions of their beautiful products are my own. Please see my disclosures here for more information.

We’re working on a couple of rooms at Camp, mainly the master bedroom and family room. In the master bedroom, I really wanted to create a space where I could retreat to and relax. I will admit that the orange wood can be a bit much for me sometimes, so I knew I wanted to try to s0ften it with light colors. We have furniture on the way, but this beautiful bedding from Annie Selke’s Pine Cone Hill was the perfect first step.


Before: While the quilt was actually cute, it was a little too much for the room with all of the busy wood, and the blue drapes and bed skirt were not my style. We lived with it for a few years, but it just felt crazy not to make it our own! 

We added a complete luxury bedding set from Annie Selke’s Pine Cone Hill. While this isn’t the final decor for the room, it is a wonderful first step! 

The charming Petite Ruffle Sheet Set went on first. Next, I added the Silken Solid White Duvet Set and two standard shams. I can’t even tell you how soft this fabric is! The final step was the Kelly Matelasse Coverlet. These blankets are an excellent combination for summer- the sheets are lightweight, the duvet’s fabric has temperature responsive qualities, and the coverlet is easily added or removed depending on temperature! 

Next up was the pillows. Mack was skeptical that we would need so many pillows, but they are perfect for reading in bed (or sitting up to type on my computer, as I’m doing right now!). I began with three Euro pillows with Kelly White Matelassé Shams. Next up I placed the two standard pillows that I mentioned before, and the two king pillows with ruffle cases. 

The final pillow was the charming Wruffle White Matelassé Decorative Pillow. Overall, the bedding has some sweet feminine touches, which I think the very masculine house needs. It truly feels like a luxury to spend time in here now!

As I mentioned before, this was the first step of the room makeover. We have a new bed frame, nightstand, lamps, and wall decor on the way. The hats are a mixture of my own and those of Mack’s grandparents- it’s a cute idea that I think I will like better in another spot. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect rug, I’m going back and forth between wool and natural fiber. Decisions, decisions! 

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  1. The transformation is already amazing! I love how the all white bedding pops against the wood walls. It gives an effortlessly cozy effect. I would love to spend the summers here! And the Annie Selke bedding gives me all the heart eyes!

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