1. I have a quick question about your beautiful dining room chandelier. Does it feel too big for your table? I have an oval table that is 52″ wide and 74″ long. I worry this chandelier at 28″ will be too wide. Is your table bigger than mine? Do you think the chandelier would work with my table? Thanks so much for any insight you might have. :)

    1. Nina Hendrick says:

      Hi Laura, It’s hard to give advice remotely, but I believe my table is actually narrower than yours. I’ve never felt the chandelier is too big!

  2. Stunning! The outside of your house is right out of a Hallmark movie!

  3. Susan Gommel says:

    So inviting-I’ll be right over! Could you tell me where you got your bamboo shades? I’ve been looking for this type for my larger windows so there would be less weight and the roll ups don’t cover up as much window space as the Roman style. Thanks for any info and enjoy the holidays-your work is done!

  4. Kendra | www.joyinourhome.com says:

    Nina, your home is absolutely stunning! Love the exterior and the snow makes it perfectly cozy! Enjoy the Christmas season!

  5. Your home is SOOO beautiful!!!! It looks amazing in the snow!!!! Loved your home tour! Merry Christmas!

  6. Obsessed with the front of your house, Nina! We’re putting wreaths on all of our windows for the first time this year, and this made me even more excited to get the ball rolling on it. Big hugs, girl! Always beautiful.

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