As the weather turns cooler, the days shorter, and we begin to inch toward a new year the instinct to make our homes as cozy as possible kicks in. Since so many of us already decorate for the holidays, a warm and cozy Christmas theme always feels like a natural choice!

Create Vignettes

For this rustic vignette, (from my first ever home tour in 2014!) I filled the glass apothecary jars with rustic but natural Christmas elements — pinecones and cinnamon sticks. I incorporated wood decor like the wooden star and deer

Decorate with Artwork that Evokes Tradition

Whether it’s on the wall or leaning in a vignette, decorating with seasonal artwork (maybe even a free printable!) that represents a favorite family memory will bring a smile to your face every time you see it.

Wrap Fresh Evergreen Around a Banister

Having fresh garland on your stair bannister is a classic cozy Christmas decorating idea that I couldn’t leave off the list. Perhaps the best aspect of this decor idea is that the twinkle lights glow so warmly at night! A trick to fill out a mixed garland is to add in some extra evergreens from the yard if you have them.

Birch Log Christmas Crock

When I set out to do something with the extra clipping off of our Christmas tree, I had no idea that it would take off and go viral and even land me on HGTV to share the project with Martha Stewart! I thought it looked pretty, so I decided to also add the berry twigs and a battery pack with string lights

Cozy Christmas Mudroom

You can add some warm and fuzzy blankets, firewood, and some festive lighting to make the space extra cozy. Then, set out a basket of warm mittens, hats, and scarves for guests to use if they want to head out to take a walk in the winter wonderland. This is sure to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere for your holiday guests!

Birch Log Candle Holders

I took the logs and cut them into shorter pieces, then sanded down the edges. I then drilled holes in the middle and inserted some white tea lights. To make them look extra cozy, I added some small evergreen and berry sprigs around the logs. The result was a beautiful, rustic and warm candle holders that I can use every year! This also makes a great gift idea.

Cookie Decorating Party

Set up a table with a festive table cloth, and turn on some cozy Christmas music to create an inviting and cheerful atmosphere. After the cookie decorating is complete, everyone can enjoy the delicious treats they have created. You can even provide each guest with a personal cookie decorating kit with necessary supplies like icing, sprinkles, and candies for them to decorate with.

Decorate Tree with Soft & Cozy Ornaments

Start by decorating the tree with soft and cozy ornaments such as felted acorns, woodland critter stuffed ornaments, felt garlands, and soft ribbon. You can also add some extra warmth with a faux fur tree skirt and twinkling string lights. Finish off the look with a heirloom quilt or a holiday-inspired throw blanket draped at the base of the tree.

I hope that this post has inspired you to get your comfiest flannel pjs on, grab a warm beverage, and begin putting some of these ideas into action! Tap the link below to read the full post, and make sure to follow me on Instagram @ninahendrickhome for more!

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