Simple Blue Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

When it’s early on in the holiday season, these simple blue Christmas kitchen decor ideas will help inspire you to gradually make seasonal changes to your home!

Simple Blue Christmas Kitchen Decor in the Kitchen with tree in the background | Nina Hendrick Home

Simple Blue Kitchen Christmas Decor

Like everything else this year, Christmas decorating hasn’t been the easiest thing due to the pandemic. Items that were ordered a while ago haven’t shown up yet, Target runs are a thing of the past, and it’s certainly not simple anymore to run to the grocery store and get fresh flowers. But really, it’s no reason to fret. A bunch of “stuff” certainly isn’t what Christmas is about anyway!

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Blue Christmas Kitchen Decor Idea One: Use What You Already Have

Instead, I made lemons into lemonade to share the few simple blue Christmas décor touches I’ve brought into my kitchen to kick off the season, mostly with what I already had on hand! I’m joining a couple of other bloggers today hosted by Sheila of Maison de Cinq, so make sure to visit the other homes on the tour at the bottom of this post.

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The inspiration for my entire theme this year is the gauzy French blue ribbon you’ll see here and there. It’s always one of my favorite colors (and the main color of my brand) so it’s certainly no hardship to have a “blue” Christmas! I went with this because it’s already such a dominant color in our home, and it allows me to make minimal changes (I can use most of our everyday decor) and also do it slowly over time.

Blue Christmas Kitchen Decor Idea Two: If Things Don’t Go According to Plan, Make a New and Simpler Plan

Simple Blue ribbon surrounds small trees used as Christmas kitchen decor

As I mentioned, I mostly used what I already had, but these sweet little Charlie Brown-style trees are a new addition. They were actually destined for the porch, but my rosemary trees still haven’t arrived. I can’t really complain, they look adorable here! I feel like they are the perfect symbol of this theme— simple, but pretty, and a bit imperfect.

Coastal oil painting with wreath and blue ribbon | Nina Hendrick Home

The other notable new addition are these little wreaths. I originally ordered enough for the chairs and the windows behind the sink, but only these two little guys have arrived so far, so I reassessed my plans. Side note: one other bonus to these colors are that my grandfather’s coastal paintings can stay right where they normally are.

Simple Christmas Decor Idea Three: Don’t Be Afraid to Change Things Up Later On

Instead of wreaths on the chairs in the breakfast nook, I used some of the wooden snowflake ornaments that I’ve had for years (unfortunately, I no longer have a source for them). I love these! I figured that they could withstand the kids sitting in these chairs until the wreaths all arrive. Then I’ll swap them out. That’s an important point to make, you can always evolve your decor as the season progresses!

On the shelves, I brought in a couple of subtle Christmas touches but primarily left what’s usually there in place. The small oil painting is another of my grandfather’s. I love to see all of the little touches when I go to use my new espresso machine that Mack got me for my birthday (admittedly, I use it a lot).

blue Christmas Kitchen decor with Dark wood floors and bright windows | Nina Hendrick Home

So, there you have it! That’s my early & simple blue Christmas kitchen decor. I’m excited to share how this evolves in the coming weeks as things arrive, and I decorate other spaces in our home. I hope these tips are helpful for making the best out of decorating during this crazy year. After all, at the end of the day, all that really matters in that the people who live in this home are happy and healthy. Wishing the best to you and yours!

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  1. Everything looks so lovely Nina! I love the gauzy blue ribbon – the colour is so unexpected, yet it ties in so beautifully with all of your decor pieces (I especially love how it looks with that pretty cedar wreath!).

  2. Your kitchen looks adorable Nina! Love all the subtle touches you used and especially the little ornaments on the chairs!

    Thanks so much for joining and happy holidays to you!


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