Love button-downs, hydrangeas, neutral decor, and spending time by the sea? No matter what age you are (I'm 33!) you may just be a Coastal Grandma.

I say embrace it...

The rise of this popular TikTok and IG aesthetic promotes slow living, spending time by the sea, loving your home, and entertaining family and friends.

Dress the Part

Coastal grandmother dressing is a twist on standard New England preppiness but more comfortable.

“Though the name “coastal grandmother style” is new, the style itself is not—in fact, I’ve been a “coastal grandmother” myself forever, but I just didn’t know it.”

- Nina Hendrick

Coastal Grandmother Decor

How does the coastal grandmother aesthetic look in real life? In the blog post, I break it down with a room-by-room tour to see how it works.

Coastal grandmother style is more than a look—it’s a whole lifestyle! The best part about it is that you don’t have to work too hard. Because the look is so classic and neutral, you can easily take your favorite ideas to mix and match with your current decor for a refresh. How will you embrace your inner coastal grandmother this summer?

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