Dark hardwood floors have their pros and cons, which is why I am going to give you my honest review of mine! They are very durable, and with proper care, they can last for many years.

Choosing a Wood Type

These floors are hickory solid hardwood planks in a 5″ width with variable length and a hand scraped, matte finish. Hickory is a rustic wood with some graining, knots, and color variation (although this is less noticeable with darker stains). It is also the hardest wood native to the U.S., which makes it durable enough for busy and high traffic households.

Hand Scraped v. Smooth 

Hand scraped flooring has the appearance of being milled by hand with woodworking tools. There are bumps, dents, and ridges to give it added character.


The main advantage of dark hardwoods is that they are beautiful. This is a matter of opinion, of course. However, dark hardwood flooring is a classic in traditional decor style and it naturally goes with the modern trend of having lighter colors on the walls and in the furniture throughout the home.


One of the minor cons about dark hardwood floors is that dark colors can make a room feel smaller, but they can also make a room feel cozier! The biggest negative would definitely be the fact that they require a lot of upkeep. While lighter wood floors hide dirt and dog hair, dark hardwood floors show every speck of dust if you look closely. 

While I love the look of dark hardwood, our light colored dogs are not the greatest match with dark floors. I love golden retrievers more than I love dark hardwood floors! Our new home has lighter oak floors and they hide the dirt and dog hair so much better.

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