As the leaves start to fall and the air gets a chill, it’s the perfect time to bring a bit of that autumn magic into our homes. And hey, why not start with the fireplace mantel? Creating a fall mantel display in your living room can really set the whole vibe for your home!

Choosing a Color Palette

First off, think cozy and warm. Imagine the colors you see as you’re sipping your warm autumn beverage and watching the leaves change. Rich oranges, deep reds, and lovely golden yellows are always a win. You can also go with calm, soothing neutral tones, think soft beiges, creamy whites, and gentle grays. Pair with natural elements like wood and white pumpkins. 

Choosing a Theme

When it comes to themes, think of a theme as your mantel’s storyline. don’t shy away from mixing it up! Some velvety textures here, a touch of metallic sparkle there, and you’ve got a mantel that’s equal parts chic and festive. Just remember, balance is key. Mix those glitzy pieces with some down-to-earth, natural elements. Trust me, it’s like a match made in fall heaven.


Pumpkins aren’t just for pie, my friends. Mix up those sizes and colors for a display that’s as unique as you. And if you’re working with a narrow mantel, keep it simple: a row of petite pumpkins can make just as much of a statement. You can elevate them by popping them on candle holders, wooden crates, or even a stack of old books.

Natural Elements

Birch, willow, or branches from your own backyard can add that rustic charm we all crave this time of year. Throw in some pampas grass or ferns, and you’ve got a texture party going. Flowers are the unsung heroes of fall. Swap out those summer blooms for deep reds, oranges, and purples. Pair them with some dried leaves, and your mantel’s looking like a fall postcard. 

Candles and Lights

Imagine cozying up to candlelight on a crisp fall evening! Start with those creamy, dreamy pillar candles – you know, the ones in shades of ivory and vanilla. Pop them at different heights (the more variety, the better!) and for an added touch of modern glam, place them on mirrors. Instant glow-up!

Halloween and Thanksgiving Swaps

If you’re a Potterhead (like me 🤓), how about floating some free printable Hogwarts letters across the mantel? Pop in a broomstick and a sweet Hedwig and, voila, you’re all set for a magical Halloween night! As for Thanksgiving? Just swap out those witchy vibes for some rustic, gratitude-filled touches, like a “Give Thanks” garland.

Now we’ve covered a bounty of fall mantel decor ideas to transition your home through the season and beyond! Tap the link to read the full post and make sure to folllow along with me on Instagram @ninahendrickhome!!