how to add warmth

to a white kitchen

If you’re looking to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your home, your kitchen is probably high on that list. White kitchens are classic and timeless, but they can often feel cold and sterile. With the right combination of textiles, decor, and furniture, you can make your white kitchen feel more inviting and homey.

Add wood, wicker, and other natural textures

Adding wood furnishings such as counter stools, shelves, chairs, or even a kitchen island instantly add warmth. Wood can also be used as an accent piece, such as a wooden bowl or cutting board or a wood-framed mirror. Wicker baskets or rattan stools are a great way to add natural textures and warmth to your kitchen.

Add greenery and fresh flowers

Adding potted, hanging, or even artificial plants adds warmth and life to your kitchen. Fresh flowers in a vase add a pop of color, a nice aroma, and are inviting. 

Natural and accent Lighting

Natural and accent lighting can also be used to warm up a neutral color palette. Natural light from windows and skylights can open up the space and make it feel brighter and more inviting. Pendant lighting and chandeliers can add a decorative touch as well as atmosphere.

Add homey touches

extiles, such as a runner and kitchen towels, are an easy and inexpensive way to add coziness to your space. Wall art and plants can also give your white kitchen a more homey feel. Consider hanging a few framed prints or install open shelves for adding decor.

Add gold or brass hardware

From drawer pulls to cabinet knobs and even door handles, there are many options to choose from in warm tones. Consider replacing all of the hardware in the kitchen with items that have a warmer finish, such as brass, copper or bronze.

I hope these tips gave you some inspiration for how to warm up a white kitchen! While white may seem like a simple color, this is proof that it can still have tons of personality with the right complements.  Don't forget to tap the link below to read more tips!

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