How to choose paint colors

plus mistakes to avoid

Having trouble finding the right paint color for your space? Learn how to choose paint colors you’ll absolutely love, and the  biggest mistakes you’ll want to avoid!

Mistake: Ignoring the vibe you want and not seeing the big picture

Choosing paint color is all about the intention you set! Decide how you want to feel when you’re in the room. When you picture the room in use, what’s the ideal vibe? And when building, renovating, or repainting a home, I always advise picking out a whole house color palette, it takes time but is worth it!

Mistake: Not considering undertones

A color’s undertone will reveal itself in different lighting. This is where the samples from the paint aisle really come in handy! That white paint color you’ve been eyeing may have a lavender undertone. Once you discover this, you may decide that a white with a yellow undertone would be better for your space. Lavender is a cool color, while yellow is warm.

Mistake: Ignoring the direction your room faces and fixed fixtures

The flooring, the metal hardware, tile backsplashes, etc. all have their own undertones that need to be considered before you decide on a wall color. The way light comes into the room plays a big impact on color, the exact same paint color can look different within your home in two different rooms.

Mistake: Choosing a color that's too bold or dark

Whether you choose a light or a dark paint color will come down to personal preference. Sometimes the goal is a dark moody color. They’re definitely a part of some decor styles that are currently trending. But even with these colors, I still suggest going a shade or two lighter than you think.

How to choose paint colors correctly

Determine the mood you want for your room. Also, take note of your fixed finishes and lighting. Next, begin looking for inspiration. Just remember that things don’t always look the same on the internet as in your home and make sure that they make sense with the overall color scheme of your home. Lastly, test your samples on a white poster board with peel & stick samples. 

Still not sure how to choose the best colors for your home? Click the link below to take my paint color personality quiz! You can also find me on Instagram @ninahendrickhome, where you’ll find more pics of my home and our recent renovations, and a saved story highlight of my favorite paint colors!

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