How to Mix & Match Bathroom Tile 

Get tips on how to choose the right types of tile, and how to pick patterns that add value to your home.

How Many Different Tiles Should You Use in a Bathroom?

You should use 2-3. Using only 1 can make it harder to create visual appeal. Using more than 3 ventures into chaotic territory.

Step 1: Choose a base stone.

You’ll want to start out by deciding on one stone that will serve as the base theme for your tile color palette. This is your jumping off point.

Step 2: Choose a secondary tile.

This will pull from one color of the base stone.

Step 3: Choose a combo of both with a pattern that repeats.

Now, go mix tiles!

I hope my 3-step formula helps make mixing tiles in a bathroom easier and that you gained some helpful tips! You can visit the post for more in-depth details.

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