Summer is a great time of year to refresh and update your home’s decor. From clean colors to light fabrics and airy accents, there are plenty of summer decor ideas that can help you create a cheerful, comfortable, and inviting atmosphere in your home.

Simplify and "Undecorate"

One of the most popular summer decor ideas is to simplify and “undecorate” your home. This means clearing out unnecessary clutter and creating a clean, airy space. The idea is to create a calm environment that reflects the beauty of the outdoors.

Bring in Pops of Summer Color

– Add a bright and cheerful outdoor rug in a vivid hue like hot pink or bold yellow. – Add a few brightly colored throw blankets to your chairs or sofa. – Treat yourself to a new candle in a sunny summer color.

Grow Something Green

Succulents are low maintenance and require minimal watering.  Pothos is a trailing plant that is easy to grow and requires minimal care. Air Plants With their low-light and low-water requirements, air plants are perfect for brightening up any space. Snake Plants are one of the best indoor plants and require minimal care. 

Subtle Nautical Decor

Nautical-Inspired Decor is the perfect way to bring a touch of summer into your home! The classic blue and white color palette, combined with natural elements like rope and wood, gives you a chic and timeless look.

Create a Quiet Outdoor Spot

Whether it’s a swing on your front porch, a quiet bench in the garden, or a hammock between the trees where you can hear the bird sing, create a small and quiet spot outdoors where you can soak up the sounds and smells of the season.

Leave Out a Refreshing Water Station

As the temperature rises and summer gets closer, it is important to think of ways to stay hydrated. Why not set up a stylish and practical water station in your home? Place the station in an easily accessible spot and make sure to add some fruits and herbs to give the water a refreshing flavor.

Now is the perfect time to get creative and have some fun with these summer decor ideas! Tap the link below to read the full list amd make sure to tag me on Instagram @ninahendrickhome if you use any of them!

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