Ready to embrace the coastal grandmother aesthetic? Here’s a full breakdown of how to bring this breezy, summery style into your wardrobe and home.

What is Coastal Grandmother Style?

Coastal grandmother style is best summed up by flipping through some Nancy Meyers movies—especially the ones starring Diane Keaton. These stories take place in gorgeous, shingle-style houses by the beach, and the interiors are bright and airy—lots of white walls and sumptuous, comfy furniture to curl up in while reading a good book.

Dressing the Part

Coastal grandmother dressing is a twist on standard New England preppiness but more comfortable. Think about how you’d dress for an after-dinner walk on the beach rather than a day of sunbathing. Start with a limited color palette, so everything can mix and match easily. That means plenty of white, khaki, beige, and any creamy shade in between. To add color, blue is the go-to, especially light blue and shades of chambray. Texture is important! Think chunky knits, woven belts, stripes, or a straw bag.

Hallmarks of Interior Coastal Design

For coastal grandmothers, “modern” doesn’t mean bright colors or bold geometry, though—it just means updating an older home for the way we live today, with comfortable furniture and open-concept living that makes it easy to entertain. Some elements include; Indoor/ Outdoor Living, Neutrals, Woodwork, Natural and Woven Textures, and flowy window treatments.

Kitchen Aesthetics

Coastal grandmother kitchens are big, open spaces where people can gather. My cabinets are white, but it’s not unusual for them to be painted in shades of blue, green, or gray. Stone countertops and a farmhouse sink help make the kitchen look like it’s been around forever. Open shelving helps keep things casual, though it helps if you have nice dishes to display!

Outdoor Spaces

Make sure that outdoor furniture is just as cozy as the indoor stuff by choosing pieces with plump cushions, whether for an outdoor sofa, rocking chair, or even a classic porch swing. Add pillows for extra comfort, and consider surrounding your outdoor area with potted flowers. Bonus points for hydrangeas—they’re every coastal grandma’s favorite!

Coastal grandmother style is more than a look—it’s a whole lifestyle! The best part about it is that you don’t have to work too hard. Because the look is so classic and neutral, you can easily take your favorite ideas to mix and match with your current decor for a refresh. Tap to read the full post and follow along with me on Instagram @ninahendrickhome!

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