1. Hi Nina, I loved this post and I’m going to incorporate many (..all) of your shelving display ideas as soon as I get my shelves up!
    I am putting shelves in the corner of my kitchen so will be similar to yours, however I have been planning on three where I see you have used two. You might have 7 ft ceilings~ how far apart are they spaced? I have 8ft ceilings and feel three might be better suited to my space. I will definitely have to put my rarely used items on the top shelf :-) !
    I am also wondering if you could comment on whether these shelves are hollow or solid and what technique you used to install them? There seems to be so many methods depending on the shelf construction!

    1. Nina Hendrick says:

      Hi Heather! I’m so happy you found the ideas helpful! :) We did have 7ft ceilings in our previous home, but in our new home I went with two shelves also and they’re 8’+. We did a lot of mockups and renderings before deciding on two! Here’s a reel with our new shelves.

      So the shelves in this post were solid with two holes drilled for wall mounted posts to stabilize them (we used these). In our new home, the shelves are hollow and came with mounting hardware. I have heard great things about this shelf company and plan to use them for my mom’s kitchen shelves!

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