How to decorate

your home

Decorating a room — whether from scratch in a brand new home or as a refresh for your current space — is super exciting.  But if you find yourself looking around your room and feeling overwhelmed and stressed, you’re definitely not alone. Here are 10 easy steps to get you started!

1. Declutter with a  Purpose

2. Define Your  Style

3. Choose Your Color Palette

4. Choose Your Built-ins

5. Find Your Furniture

6. Pick Your Floor Coverings

7. Choose Your Window Treatments

8. Design Your Lighting

9. Get Organized

10. Add Finishing Touches

Now you know all the steps to decorate — or redecorate — your room. But what does this process look like in action? I’ve documented my own adventures in home decorating in detail on my blog. Tap below to read more!

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