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Maximize small pantry organization with these tips and ideas for how to organize your food storage space and make the most of what you have available.

Put Foods Into Glass Jars

I am a big fan of using glass jars in every room, and I think it truly helps to keep a space neat. You can measure quantities more efficiently.

Use Baskets, Trays, and Crates for Loose Items

Rather than having a bunch of small items kicking around, it’s so nice to keep them neat and contained by corralling them in pretty baskets, trays, and crates.

Use Labels 

I recommend labeling things that need differentiation, such as different flours or snacks that look similar (gluten-free vs. regular, etc.). Chalk labels are also a great idea so you can easily change labels without the hassle of peel and stick labels.

Make Use of the Door with Hanging Wire Racks

Wire racks are inexpensive and the perfect size for cans and even seasoning packets. You gain back a bunch of storage area, and the shelves fit perfectly when the doors are closed.

Creating a system for a particular space in your home can be a lot of work, but I find it’s always worthwhile. With minimum maintenance, your pantry can stay organized for good. Tap the link below for more!

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