1. I do have a PB Buchanan Roll Arm slipcover sofa (3×3 cushions), it’s width is 87. I can not find on PB website only slipcovers of that dimension. Any suggestions?

  2. IF they ever deliver it. PB has a horrible track record for delivering on time. Is it worth waiting an extra month or seven on top of the original 6-9 week + lead time? Buyer beware.

  3. Hi! Very helpful review. I am currently shopping for the PB comfort roll arm sofa and loveseat. and possible chair. But I’m not sure which cushion filling to get. Memory foam or Down? Not sure which one you have.

    1. Nina Hendrick says:

      Hi, Kim! I’m glad it was helpful. I don’t have either filling. When we purchased ours, they were made with polyester filling (which didn’t hold up well). I’d recommend the memory foam out of those two options!

  4. Jennifer L Giordano says:

    So helpful. Thanks to all who posted! Just wondering if anyone has an opinion on memory foam vs down wrapped cushions? I see memory foam is cheaper. I am a nurse practitioner and have a bad lower back from using my back for so many years. Of course I wish for my family and I to have comfort yet I also need better support. These are my dream sofa and oversized chair and I just do not want to make a mistake. Also would you recommended picking same fabrics for sofa and chair or doing a different color for the chair? And does anyone know of any sales soon? Thanks so much in advance! I look forward to your responses!
    Many Blessings,
    ~Jenn G. :)

  5. Thanks for the detailed review! We bought a Buchanan PB curved sectional in 2011 & had it for 7 years before passing along to son & family for their bonus room. I loved the upholstery (brushed canvas) and could remove cushion covers to wash and air dry. Went through grandbabies and pets and still looked fine. The back cushions were horrible, though, and never looked good after the first few months. I’m glad to hear PB has improved the fill on those, since I plan to get the smaller two upholstered PB Comfort Roll Arm sofas in Performance Twill later this year. (The original sectional is finally wearing out after hard use by our son’s family and multiple dogs!)

  6. Lori Tate says:

    I am so glad you had luck with your replacement slip covers. They would not replace mine that shrunk so bad there was no way we would get them back on the sofa. The cushion slip covers fit. It’s just the one that would fit the actual frame. I tried in vain and contacted many different areas of P B, and no one would replace them. Very disappointed.!!!!

    1. Nina Hendrick says:

      Oh no, that is disappointing! :(

  7. Janet Mayer says:

    Loved your review. I bought a PB comfort sofa and chair over ten years ago and loved them. Problem was we downsized into a very small home with a super small living room and the furniture would just not work out in there! I gave the furniture to my daughter who has now given it to my granddaughter, who just moved into her own place. I am happy they have both gotten use out of them. However,…I have tried three different sofas in our home and am not satisfied with any of them so am looking at the PB comfort sofa. Again. I have finally figured out the ideal arrangement in our living room so it will work. Bottom line is I will not give good furniture away again without really taking some time to think it through. Thank you for your review as it is helping me in my decision.

    1. Janet Mayer says:

      Postscript: I did buy the PB Roll Arm Comfort Sofa and it is perfect in my living room! Who knew after all these years my first PB Comfort Sofa would have worked just fine. Oh well. I do appreciate the new memory foam filled cushions vs the old polyester filled ones. The sofa and cushions are holding up just fine after several months. The new style slipcover has zippers on the back in each corner and should make for a much easier time of putting them back on after washing. I have not yet washed my white twill covers. Just to add, the zippers are so smartly small and tucked away that I didn’t even know they were there until I had had the sofa a couple of months. I hope my slipcover doesn’t shrink to terribly much. I will plan to iron (steam iron?) after I wash it as I want to retain the crisp beautiful look it has now. I am so happy to have this sofa again and look forward to years of enjoyment.

  8. This happened to me this week with my brand new PB couch! We did get the performance fabric and it came out of the washer mottled in color. I have a cream twill cover.

  9. Thank you for this honest review and for sharing your insight! I just ordered my first pottery barn sofa and chose The PB Comfort. I just love your throw pillows. They look fantastic. Such a beachy feeling.: ) Do you have a resource for them?Many Blessings!

  10. Susan in Seattle says:

    I have had the PB sectional for seven years, and every time I look at it I think what a waste of money.

    First of all, it’s a royal pain to keep the sections together. You have to do it blind, basically, unless they have improved the system since i bought the sofa in 2012.

    Second, the slipcovers don’t stay in place, the seat cushions have not held up and now you can feel the frame under your thighs, and the back cushions have gotten all misshapen. If you like shabby chic, with the emphasis on shabby, this is the sofa for you. We recently gave away a sofa I purchased in 1998 from a company that has gone out of business, and that sofa stood the test of time. It was also slip-covered and the slipcovers never got baggy or wrinkled or shrunken, like the PB ones. I will never buy from PB again.

    Third, the throw pillows I bought from PB to go with the sofa? They ended up looking worn and cheap after about a year.

    No more PB for me.

  11. Anna Stewart says:

    Awesome review! I noticed you mentioned you had an Arhaus sofa in the past. I am trying to decided between the two manufactures. I was wondering, which did you prefer Arhaus or PB and why?

    1. Nina Hendrick says:

      Hi, Anna! I have a nursery rocking chair from Arhaus, not a sofa. So I can’t really speak to the quality of their sofas! I do love the rocking chair, but I’m not sure what may have changed in the past decade.

  12. Hey Nina,

    I just happened upon your review because we’ve had the PB Comfort Grand sofa for 7 years now. I’ve washed our slip covers numerous times (I believe they are also brushed canvas) and I’ve never had a problem with them. I just wash them and hang them up to dry. I don’t even put them on damp. But, I HAVE had an issue with the frame as ours is broken. I was able to reinforce it and it’s OK for now, but I hesitate buying one again even though I LOVE the look and the slipcovers work well for us. Wondering if it was just a user issue because it broke where my husband sits. LOL

    1. Hey, Laura! I’m so glad that you haven’t had the slipcover woes. I think it must have been a bad batch with the first round because it’s been the same for me with the newer ones. That’s so strange that the frame broke! I catch my boys doing running leaps onto them all of the time and so far, so good. But we got them the IKEA sofa for the basement, just in case- haha!

    2. Cathy Greene says:

      You are not alone. Our sofa frame also broke after just a couple of years. Very disappointing!

      1. Nina Hendrick says:

        Oh no! That is disappointing. It seems like a mixed bag when it comes to experiences. Thanks for sharing yours. That’s why I think reviews like this are helpful!

  13. Oh, oh. I’m getting a little worried! I have a Grand Comfort chair with a natural brushed canvas slipcover. I can’t remember exactly when I got it, but it’s been a few years. Maybe 4? Anyway…I’ve washed the slipcover several times, and it has turned out great! The chair is polyester. It does need “fluffing” often, but I love the look!
    Fast forward…I just ordered two Pottery Barn slipcover couches in brushed canvas stone. I got the memory foam…partially because it was less expensive, and partially because I thought it may be less slouchy and more firm. Now I’m worried that it won’t hold up as well as the polyester. Also, I specifically didn’t get performance fabric, so I could wash the slipcover. Now I’m a bit worried that I’ll have a mess in my hands! Should I be? Do you know Pottery Barn’s guarantee for the slipcovers?

    1. Hi, Pam! I’m really not sure, as I’m not affiliated with Pottery Barn in any way. My sofas are a few years old now, so I can’t speak of their newest materials, unfortunately. I also don’t have the memory foam (I believe that’s a newer addition!). I think the best course for you would be to contact Pottery Barn’s customer service and ask. They are very responsive!

  14. Judy Brown says:

    Hi,great review. I’ve always wanted a slipcovered couch. You answered so many questions I had. Thanks again. Your awesome!!!

  15. Tara L Still says:

    Can you tell me if yours is the memory foam? I have a sectional I LOVE but just ordered 2 chairs and a couch and had a freiend say how dissapointed she was with hers she got a couple years ago.

    1. We have the polyester!

  16. Do you (or any of your readers) know if its possible to put slipcovers over the PB upholstery sofas? B-I-L’s family is moving and we’re thinking about buying their upholstery version of this sofa. But like you, I like the idea of the washable slipcover. I don’t suppose we can buy a slipcover and put it over the upholstery?

    1. Hi! I haven’t ever done this specifically, but we ordered slipcovers from ComfortWorks that we’ve been very happy with, and I know they will do custom.


      No, You can’t, I asked the same question at the store, The upholstered version already has a cover making the dimension bigger. The material with which the slipcovered sofa is made it’s slippery to help when putting the slipcovers on. Maybe if you removed the upholstered covers, It’s possible, but it’s an expensive chance to take if it doesn’t fit.

  17. Donna Williams says:

    I bought my on comfort in 2007 in washed linen. Its is a cream color and I love it. I have two small dogs and they normally only lay on the ottoman which I have a rectangular faux sheep skin on it to protect ottoman. I have washed cushions more often than the body and they still look amazing. The chair cover is showing a little wear on piping but nothing anyone else would notice. I am extremely happy with this sofa chair and ottoman purchase. I would never own any other sofa. 11 yrs later it still has not lost any shape. I bought another set of covers on sale but haven’t used them yet. The only thing I could complain about is the ridiculous cost of the replacement covers. I got them 30% off and they were 1600 for sofa chair and ottoman. That’s outrageous but I was afraid they would discontinue the covers or style and i wouldn’t be able to get new covers for my on comfort. I am sure I will get another 10 yrs since its not losing shape at all. I do know the performance linen gets balls on it if you don’t get 100% cotton linen. My daughter got cotton blend so it didn’t wrinkle but it did not hold up. Oh yeah. Be prepared to iron skirt after washing if you want linen covers.

  18. Tara Ende says:

    Last year I purchased new slipcovers for our PB sofa and immediately noticed that they fit loosely. I assumed that this was to allow for shrinkage which I also had experienced with the original covers.
    After washing the cushion covers, I opened the washer to find they had unraveled and were tangled in large balls of string.
    Immediately I called Pottery Barn and after emailing photos and a description they sent me a new one. I was impressed with the customer service. Months later I washed the replacements and they did the same exact thing. They do not surge the seams along the zippers and therefore they unravel. Obviously they have switched manufacturers since 2011 when I purchased the sofa.
    After many calls to Pottery Barn I was told not to buy the cotton slipcovers again because they would do the same thing. I was also told not to buy linen either. I asked what fabric won’t unravel and I was told to visit my local store where they could help me.
    If they know they have a problem why are they not fixing it? I am so disappointed since I wanted a washable light fabric. Quite honestly I do not think there will be much to choose.
    This experience has changed my impression of Pottery Barn. I no longer want to purchase anything from their store since they do not care that they are selling expensive items of very poor quality.

    1. I noticed the lack of finishing seams,too! My new slipcovers have shrunk and raveled. Currently working with Pottery Barn for refund/replacement. I purchased 4 slipcovered PB sofas 12 and 10 years ago without the issues of these 2 sofas and chair

  19. I own this sofa. It is my first pottery barn sofa. I am AMAZED at the poor quality!! Yes you heard me. After one short year, all comfort is if not gone, at least very diminished. I bought white denim, and was told how easy it was to clean and to get spots out…..LOL… Such a disappointment.

    1. I’m sorry to hear you had such a bad experience, Mary! Ours is still very comfortable, at least, but it’s unfortunate to hear about another fabric choice that doesn’t clean very easily.

  20. I have this exact couch from Pottery Barn. I love it! I wash my slipcovers often and while they are a pain to get back on they always look beautiful. I use Clorox 2 for any stain removal- even hair color one time- and stains always come out. I would buy this couch again but I think I would go with white! It is so easy to clean.

    1. So glad you’ve had such great luck with it, Robyn!

  21. Hi Nina,
    Thanks for this review. I rely heavily on reviews when I make purchases of items I expect to keep a long time. I think your family room looks very light and airy although you said it doesn’t have much natural light, so your chooses must be working well for catching light.

    1. Thank you so much, Rhonda! I think my photography makes it look brighter than it is :)

  22. You mentioned the back cushions what about the seat cushions do they hold up or do they flatten. Thanks for the review

    1. The seat cushions are still awesome!

      1. Doris Weir says:

        I normally do not respond to reviews but in this case, I changed my mind. We have had our PB slipcovers for 6 years and they are used every day. We live in Florida by the water and wanted a casual but chic look.
        We also have the cream/white. First washing my thought was “oh crap, what have I done”!
        But, I ironed the skirt. Great! Neat again. My husband helped to pull and tug to get the Velcro strips to line up and get the original shape back.
        I wash in cold water, dry on delicate and put on while slightly damp. Steaming or ironing the skirt makes a world of difference. Steaming other wrinkled areas gives a fresh look again. I have also started spot cleaning with Dawn (original) on a wet white cloth and most spots come right off i.e. arms where they are used to get out of seats. Just yesterday we noticed a spot that would not respond to spot cleaning. Removed the cushion cover, rubbed on some Dawn, let set a few minutes, into the washer on cold, damp dry on delicate, looks good as new. I have learned to not overload washer so items have space to move around. Also, removing asap from washer and dryer helps to keep wrinkles at a minimum. Hope this helps.

        1. Nina Hendrick says:

          This is awesome advice, Doris! Thank you so much.

          1. Thank you for a great overview of the Pottery Barn Comfort Grand sofa. I have wanted the Pottery Barn Comfort Grand for years but seeing some horrible reviews has stopped me. I am wondering with all the (in general) materials shortages the last couple of years if PB would even be using the same supplier as over five years ago when you purchased yours?
            I like the brushed canvas cream as that actually looks like a warm white and I don’t want a stark snow white as I think that’s too much. I am wondering though when you say if you were to order again you would get the “inside/outside” fabric as I don’t see that in PB’s fabric swatches?

          2. Nina Hendrick says:

            Karin, they probably use different suppliers at this point! I know that at least the cushions have changed. They now call the fabric I mentioned “Performance”, and there are a lot more options. This post is overdue for an update. :)

  23. Great review here, and seems like maddening results with washing those slip overs. I had arhaus sofa and large swivel chair and after a couple years I didn’t like the tweedy fabric anymore (seemed a little scratchy). I bought white duck cloth slip overs from arhaus And they are fabulous. I throw them in washing machine and in dryer (otherwise they wrinkle like crazy). I envision having those for a long long time. When it comes to furniture I am a firm believer spend the money on seating. You won’t regret it in the long run.

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