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"I'm just getting started..."

I'm not an expert in starting a blog (my beginning was far from linear), but my friend Abby Lawson definitely is. She created the free 10-Day Blogging Quickstart to help you get a strong start and even decide if blogging is right for you!

"I'm an established blogger that's ready to grow my blog and build an email list..."

How I Grew My Email List to 20K+ Subscribers

One word: printables! My readers love printables and I love to create beautiful designs to share with my readers. Printables have enabled me to grow my email list, and therefore my business, to the point where they are now. I created the free training Printables to Grow to help you identify your top blog posts that are just waiting for a printable to help you grow your business.


"I need to plan content and organize my blog..."


Over the years I have tested so many different options for virtual schedulers and editorial calendars. Ultimately, I have had by far my best success when I stick to a paper and pencil planner.

Other Resources

Email List

Since switching to ConvertKit (and implementing my strategies shared in Printables to Grow) my email list has grown exponentially and may open rate has increased as well.


For blog photography, I started with a Nikon D7000, now replaced by the Nikon D7100, and 50mm f/1.8D AF Nikkor Lens, which was a more affordable beginner setup and served me well for a long time.


I use Adobe Creative Cloud for just about every creative endeavor in my business. I use Illustrator and Photoshop to create graphics, Photoshop and Lightroom to edit photos, After Effects and Premier to create videos, and Audition for sound editing.

Graphic Stock

I design some of my own design elements from scratch, but I also have been known to purchase from Creative Market in the past. They have a little bit of everything design-related that you can imagine!