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  1. These colors are so gorgeous. One of the reasons I so much love traveling is the new insights you gain from other people’s culture and creativity. But sometimes I’m hampered because of the resources needed to tour.

  2. Hi. I was wondering where you got the hat from, I love it and have been looking for one like that. Thanks.

  3. Absolutely beautiful, Nina. Love your mudroom and your exterior landscaping. Just stunning!

  4. Oh, my….your photography and home are beautiful. It’s mind-boggling that you are self taught! Everything is picture perfect. Thank you for the inspiration!!!

  5. Nina, I so loved this post. Your gorgeous photos and your words about your style changing and developing really resonate with me because I’m feeling the same way. Thank you so much for hosting this fun hop and including me!

  6. Stunning photography, Nina! I love your entry and swoon every time I see it! I started my love with gardening in our first home, when I was only 22, but it has stayed with me. Unfortunately it’s finding the time now that is tricky. Thanks for all your organizing!!