Home in the Fall

Today I'm joining my lovely and talented friends from the bHome App to share why I love to "bHome" in the fall. There is also a giveaway at the bottom for a $250 Amazon gift card courtesy of our sponsor, My Paint Saint! With the air finally cool and crisp, and the equinox passed, there's no denying that fall has reached us in New England. Although I was resistant to the change for the first time ever, I've finally come to embrace it. We had the most wonderful summer- full of sun, sand, and family time spent at Camp. I was sad to see the summer go- so much that I asked that we not shut down the Camp this winter in order to keep making these memories! A cloudy but vibrant day at Camp last autumn. Home has a broader meaning for us than just our house in Massachusetts, it also includes my home state of New Hampshire (also the location of Camp, our second home) so I'm sharing some images from both places today to tell my story. Fall, to me, is the season spent snuggled up under a soft blanket with a good book and a mug of coffee or glass of wine. Fall nights are a dark but comforting thing. A fire crackles in the fireplace, and it's heavenly although it makes you a bit sleepy. See more of my Fall Home Tour Part 1 here. Meals are hearty and warm you from the inside out. Crusty bread and savory soups, chilis, and stews are served with a side of colorful … [Read More...]