Journey to An Organized Life

I first created the Journey to an Organized Life series in 2014 as I was awaiting the birth of my third child. I was already pretty overwhelmed, with a six and four-year-old, and I was unknowingly setting myself up for failure by giving myself an extremely short amount of time (two months!) at a stressful point in my life to try to tackle a huge endeavor. Spoiler alert: I did not have things in order by the time my daughter arrived three weeks early. The first year of her life was a blur, both incredibly happy and overwhelming- and very disorganized. Finally, within the past year, I felt like I started to get some semblance of order back into my life, and excited that I’ve found a strategy for success that I can’t wait to share. Does this mean I have it all completely figured out and that my life is perfectly organized? Ha- absolutely not. Just like most of you, I have so many things in my life I’m trying to balance (there’s that word again!), and in times of extreme clutter, I end up going into survival mode… and it isn’t pretty. I’ve promised myself that this is the year that all changes- and I’d like that for you as well. I have always wanted to make it abundantly clear that this is our journey, and that I’m tackling these challenges right alongside you. I will be updating all of the old posts from the original series with relevant and new information. They are … [Read More...]

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