Camp- Waterside Home Tour 2016

Welcome to Camp! If you’re new here, my name is Nina Hendrick, and I have a passion for all things home and design. I created this blog to share our family’s story as we transform our 1980s Massachusetts colonial into a modern farmhouse. There’s also a big part of our story that largely remains untold each summer, as we make the two and a half hour(on a good day) drive to our Camp in New Hampshire each weekend. I'm so happy to share today as part of the Waterside Home Tour hosted by Table & Hearth- make sure you stop by the other lovely tours at the bottom of the post! Camp has historically been our place to unwind and unplug, so my blogging sometimes takes a backseat. However, last summer I resolved to better chronicle the time spent there, since these days are precious and flashing by all too quickly.  Camp has been in Mack’s family for 100 years this summer. Mack’s great-grandfather purchased the property and built the first camp. The tradition began of tracing impressive fish directly onto the wall. They mostly caught trout, pike, and sunfish- but there are a few decent bass and even a catfish! The other day Logan asked me if the fish were still alive- I told him I was pretty much positive they weren’t, as the earliest ones were caught in 1918. This fish was caught by Mack’s grandfather Jack in 1922 when he was about 6 years old. Later, Jack would knock … [Read More...]