My Favorite Time Management Strategies

Is time on your side? Time management is one of the biggest issues I receive questions about. I am quick to reply that it's one of the biggest challenges I face. I'm always auditing and refining my strategies for managing how I spend my day.  I live a somewhat dual life of working from home on my business and caring for my young children. I've also recently added in the very necessary but time-consuming element of becoming a healthier person (which means gym three mornings of the week, cardio at home most evenings, meal planning, and meal prep). It is more important than ever that I manage my time wisely, and it takes a lot of planning to make sure that I'm meeting all of my responsibilities. Here are a few time management tricks and tools I use to keep myself on track: - A planner with time blocking. I use the printable planner I designed, The Everyday Plannerâ„¢, to map out what exactly I should do in a day. I designed it in a way to try to ensure that each angle of my life is covered. Not only do I have my schedule, but also a focus task, meal planner, and a reminder to drink water and exercise. If you're interested in trying out time blocking, you can sign up here to receive a free sample of The Everyday Plannerâ„¢'s layout. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Please see my disclosures here for more information. - I'm really a … [Read More...]

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