One Room Challenge Week 3: Floors and Shopping List

I actually have a photo of the floors to share with you this week- a nighttime iPhone photo, with a clip on wide-angle lens (I will have to rent a real one for the reveal!), but a photo regardless! I naturally have had to continue to wash the vast amount of laundry our family generates (two active boys and a toddler) throughout this process, so more often than not the room is filled with laundry. Now that the construction aspect is complete for the most part, we have started to make the final plans for the room. Our shopping list for IKEA is ready to go! We actually live reasonably close to IKEA, it's only about a 40 minute drive for us (I know I've talked to some people who have to stay at a hotel overnight to get to their closest one!), but it's always a bit chaotic with the kids, and packed with people, so we tend to try to really think and plan of all of the things we want to buy to avoid a return trip. I have put together a few rough mockups of our plans: Laundry Side We are using IKEA cabinets, sink, and faucet. They are a really great option for "hacks" as the world already knows. We need our cabinets to be a bit taller to match the height of the washer and dryer. We will use a piece of milled pine for the shelf, and possibly the countertop (we're still undecided). Closet Side This is another IKEA "hack" involving the Hemnes series and curtain … [Read More...]