Cleaning Checklist Free Printable

Cleaning Checklist Free Printable | Print out this cleaning checklist as a quick and handy guide for deep cleaning your entire home. 

Free Printable Cleaning Checklist

If you are anything like me, my friend, I just bet you are a bit overwhelmed by your house. Clutter happens, and before we know it, stuff is taking over, and the dust just keeps piling up. (Psst. I have a clutter challenge here you may be interested in, too!)

I hear you loud and clear, and even more to the point, I’m with you! That’s why I put together this free printable cleaning checklist. It will help you stay organized as you clean your home room by room, top to bottom.

Let’s talk about how to create a cleaning routine. Personally, I find it most effective to clean room by room. I know some people tackle one task at a time and do the whole house. However, for those of us with short attention spans, this method seems to be the most effective. Taking each room one at a time keeps us focused and interested!


The list starts at the top of each room: the ceiling. Then we dust and vacuum anything that may drop dust onto the floor. We will wipe down surfaces, operating by the same theory. Top to bottom.

Let’s say you clean your floors then wipe your counter. Well, there’s a good chance there will be crumbs onto your newly-cleaned floors. No good. There’s no use in doing things twice, my friend!

Free Printable Cleaning Checklist | Organize and clean your entire home and stay on track with this free printable.

I hope that this list is effective at helping you tackle the toughest messes in your home. When you’re done, kick up your heels and enjoy a nice beverage of your choice. Clink! That’s my virtual cheers to you for a job well done!

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