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Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas

Celebrate the special moms in your life with these Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas, including a beautiful tablescape, floral arrangement, croissants, and mimosas.

Is there anything better than brunch? Mamas, let’s pretend for the sake of this post that calories don’t count, and we’re going to eat croissants and drink mimosas guilt-free. We’ve earned it!

A couple of years ago I shared a breakfast in bed dream post for Mother’s Day. It still hasn’t happened IRL… While that one was a blast to put together, this one is a bit more realistic, since I would be hosting it! ?

Mother's Day Brunch Ideas Tablescape

Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas

Mimosas and brunch are a given in my world. For the expectant mamas or those who avoid alcohol, orange juice and ginger ale has the same festive look!

Eating a Cinnamon Bun

Also, cinnamon buns. These came from the bakery, but I’m trying my hand at creating my own!

Bright dining room for Mother's Day Brunch
Little girl eating a croissant at Mother's Day Brunch.

Lyla is very caring to her dolls so feels like she qualifies for Mother’s Day. ?

floral arrangement and a plate of breakfast pastries

Grocery store flowers never cease to impress me. These were so inexpensive but included unexpected textures. I’m actually not sure what the spiky flowers are. Sea Holly? Please leave a comment if you happen to know, I’m curious!

Little girl reaching for Croissant
Mother's Day Brunch mimosas and croissants

Croissants are definitely one of my favorite foods in the entire world. They immediately make me want to go back to France!

Cinnamon buns and blue glasses
Mother's Day Brunch with flowers and croissants

The blue plates are actually our everyday Fiestaware plates that I’ve had since our wedding. They were such a good choice, they’ve held up wonderfully and never go out of style.

Flowers and cinnamon buns at a mother's day brunch
Tablescape with mimosas and blue glasses
Mother's Day Brunch centerpiece ideas
rosebuds on a shelf

I put a little vase of extra roses on the shelf.

Flowers and blue goblets
Flowers at a tablescape
floral arrangement with roses, hydrangea, and sweet peas
Mother's Day brunch ideas

I hope you enjoyed these Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas! My friends are sharing their ideas below. There’s so much beautiful inspiration, don’t miss it!

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