DIY White Painted Kitchen Cabinets Reveal

DIY White Painted Kitchen Cabinets Reveal

After months of hard work, I’m so excited to share the first photos from our DIY white painted kitchen cabinets project! This phase of the effort involved late nights, early mornings, countless trips to various hardware stores, and even a few tears. Seeing these photos, I feel like all of the hard work truly paid off. I’m no longer overwhelmed by this room since we’ve effectively created the perfect blank slate. I can’t wait to begin decorating the room in a style that I love!

We truly did this project on a budget. I will go into more detail about the budget tomorrow, but by saving on big ticket items- painting the cabinets and keeping the countertops- we were able to get our dream kitchen for hundreds instead of thousands. This left room in our budget for the new appliances and materials to build an island, neither of which were part of the original plan.

This is going to be a very photo heavy post, but I will be linking and following up with detailed posts about every project in this room. It was by far our biggest DIY project to date, so there’s a lot of material to share. We learned a ton during this project, and I hope that by detailing our trial-and-error, I can save you some time if you want to tackle this project too!


A full source list can be found at the bottom of the post, so if you’re curious where I got something, that’s the best resource!

I wanted to start with some before and afters, to illustrate how extremely different the room already looks:

DIY White Painted Kitchen Cabinets Reveal

It doesn’t even look like the same room, which is a definite relief!

DIY White Painted Kitchen Cabinets Reveal

The comparison is astounding to me, it is just so pretty and clean looking now. I’m going to take a little while just to soak in the blank slate before I begin adding decor.

DIY White Painted Kitchen Cabinets Reveal

With that being said, I do realize it’s a bit stark. I have a long-term plan to bring in some warmth and texture.

DIY White Painted Kitchen Cabinets Reveal

The farmhouse sink is the Ikea Domsjo. We had this sink in our last home, and it was such a good value that we decided to get another. You can read my answers to some of the commonly asked questions about the sink here.

DIY White Painted Kitchen Cabinets Reveal

We built this furniture-style kitchen island ourselves. The marble top was a Craigslist steal find by Mack. You won’t believe how little we paid! Read the details and get free plans of our DIY Kitchen Island here.

DIY White Painted Kitchen Cabinets Reveal

With all of the money we saved by keeping our old cabinets and granite, we found room in the budget for a trio of new appliances. You can find the details in the source list at the bottom of the page.

DIY White Painted Kitchen Cabinets Reveal

This is the Arabesque Backsplash Accent. I had wanted to do the whole backsplash in this tile, but Mack thought it was a little much. Adding a small square accent above the stove was the perfect compromise!

DIY White Painted Kitchen Cabinets Reveal

Mack built this incredible range hood cover to fit over the cheapest stainless steel range hood we could find. The storage area was all his idea- I was ready to sacrifice that space! You can see the tutorial here that details how we built it to integrate with the existing cabinet and ducting!

DIY White Painted Kitchen Cabinets Reveal

The dark and dreary linoleum hallway still needs some work, as well as the utility closet (the wood doors you can see at the end of the hall). However, just having the kitchen cabinets painted white seems to have brightened up that space, too.

DIY White Painted Kitchen Cabinets Reveal

The following post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Please see my disclosure here.

DIY White Painted Kitchen Cabinets Reveal

This light was originally oil-rubbed bronze. After some deliberation, I gave it a new finish with spray paint to better match this kitchen. If you want to save time and energy, this light is already a similar style and finish.

Although there are still a few items left for this room (ceiling, floor, curtains, and more accessories) it feels so nice already, and we are so happy with the progress. I feel like I have a whole new kitchen, but for a fraction of the cost. Mack is especially proud of his range hood cover, and rightfully so- it was an awesome idea!

Source List:

Here’s a handy list of links for all of the projects for this room: [ubergrid id=13891]

And I don’t want to get too mushy here- but it is Valentine’s Day after all! I want to say a huge THANK YOU to Mack- who did so much to make my grand kitchen ideas into a practical reality! I could have never done this project without him! XOXO

See how I later added warmth and texture to this space:

Adding Farmhouse Character to a Kitchen

Adding Farmhouse Character to a Kitchen

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74 thoughts on “DIY White Painted Kitchen Cabinets Reveal”

    • Hi there. Wow what an absolute transition. The white is so beautiful. Question. What type of blinds are hanging in your window above the sink? I am looking for something for my windows in the kitchen and i like that look.

      Thank you.
      Laurie Ontario Canada

  1. Your kitchen is gorgeous!!! I want a white kitchen desperately, but we are still just renting. When we buy a home, I would LOVE to have my kitchen look like yours. The light fixture is so cool and what an amazing island. Looking forward to the tutorial! Found your post on G+. :)

  2. This came out amazing! I know you are going to write a post with details, but I’m curious- did you use a paint sprayer for the cabinets?

  3. I have to admit I found you on creating with the stars! I am on there too! But your post really stuck out to me> I am in the middle of re-doing my kitchen very much like yours. We have dark cherry cabinets and they are going white. We just spent this weekend looking at appliances. I love the hood and really want to know the details! Thanks for all the ideas. I love the Ikea Sink as well, it’s farmhouse style but modern at the same time! Beautiful transformation!

    • Thank you so much Lesley! Best wishes for Creating with the Stars :) I am on pins and needles waiting for the time to pass!

  4. Hi Nina, So glad I found your blog….love your style. I too found a very similar mable slab through craigslist, and you wont believe the price…$20.00. I know it was a happy day, mine is not as pristine it looks more like honed marble, i have decided i love both looks!! As long as its marble, Right?!! I noticed in your kitchen you added an ikea farmhouse sink, which I love. Do you have a tutoral on how you added that? I noticed you have granite countertops with. an undermount sink in your before pic, so obviously someone cut the granite to install that beauty. I want to add that to my kitchen where I also have an undermount. My question, was it a diy or did you hire someone to cut and install that?

    • Thank you so much Jackie! WOW $20?! That’s amazing! Congrats on the find! I do not have a tutorial on how we added the sink, unfortunately. Honestly, it was a bit squirrelly, and we definitely could have easily wrecked our countertop-so I wouldn’t recommend it unless you hire a professional. We were lucky, it didn’t crack, but we took a big gamble- keeping in mind that I was half hoping for a new countertop ;) We watched this video: and followed his methods using a diamond grinder blade. There were some chips on the edge of the granite, but the lip of the Domsjo covered them up. I hope that helps!

  5. I’m not sure but it looks like you removed the granite trim piece from your countertop. The part on the wall. How well did that come off and did it leave any marks on the granite? Was the wall damaged at all? We bought a town home with the same granite and oak cabs. I’m not that fond of this particular granite but will need to keep it. I love the look of your subway tile back splash!

    • Hi Patty! It depends how well the granite installers put it on. This is one of those cases where you’ll be happy if they didn’t put it on well :) Ours came off with minimal damage to the drywall- every so often the silicone took the outer layer of drywall with it, and we would have had to fill it back in. Ours was a bigger mess because removing the travertine was a nightmare- but if it hadn’t been there we probably would have filled those holes with extra mastic when installing the subway tile.

  6. It looks spectacular! What a gorgeous transformation. I have a question that I didn’t seen answered here so far. It looks like you changed your hinges on your cabinets so that they’re hidden vs. exposed. What size/type did you have, and what kind did you use to hide them? Was it difficult to swap them out? I’m working on painting a client kitchen, and I know they would love to swap out the hinges, so I’m doing some research on their behalf. :-) Great work!

    • Hi Jenny! Changing the hinges was a bit of a process. Our cabinets were partially inset with a 1/4″ lip. We had to first add a thin filler strip so that they would sit flush. Then we had to figure out the correct angle for our overlay before we ordered the hinges. We worked with Blum ( and they had excellent customer service to help us figure out the particular angles and corresponding parts we would need! Our particular parts probably won’t be of use to you- there are thousands of combinations- but they will help you find the right ones based on your specific measurements. We ended up eventually ordering the Blum hinges from Amazon, as it was the best price. I’ve attached a photo link of the filler strip and recessed space that the hinge went in. As I said, it was a bit of work- but I think it really helped give the room a more professional look. I hope that helps!

  7. Absolutely love the range hood. I am going to forward that on to a friend who is in the midst of planning their kitchen redo. Your island is phenomenal. Would not know this was not something already made and just resurfaced. I would suggest lightening up the bottom shelf of the island as it is stealing attention due to the contrast of values. You kitchen as a whole rocks!

  8. Hi there

    Love your kitchen and is almost identical to layout and look of what my husband and I want. Could you tell me the dimensions of your kitchen? I’d love to put in the exact same Island as yours but am not sure there is enough width between cabinets. Thanks so much for the awesome inspiration!!


    • Sorry I missed this comment before! The dimensions of our kitchen are approximately 12×20′. Technically we left less space than a kitchen designer would recommend for traffic- but we can still move around and open cabinets and appliances without issue- so I am happy with it :)

  9. How do you like the island light? I have been thinking about getting it for ours, but I was worried that the clear glass would make the lightbulbs so bright…or that I would have to get lightbulbs that aren’t bright enough. It is one of only two fixtures in our kitchen. Any advice/reviews you have would be great!

    • Hi Mary! There’s a lot more info about painting the cabinets in this post:
      But, long story short, we used Insl-x Cabinet Coat in the stock white color. If I did it again today I think I would have them tint the paint a bit warmer (like Benjamin Moore’s Simply White) because it can be very bluish/cool when the lighting is bad. They will tint the paint any Benjamin Moore color. I hope that helps!

  10. This is fantastic! Where did you find your drawer pulls? I have seen those on HGTV makeovers and cannot find them in my searches. I was so happy to see them in your kitchen and hope to finally know where they come from.

  11. LOVE your kitchen! I did a very similar make over and love it! Question: I see in the before picture you have an undermount sink and have a countermount farm sink in the after photos. How do you like it? I’m in the same situation and want a farm sink but since we’re keeping the same countertops, trying to get an undermount in between the countertops and the top of the base cabinets is proving difficult. My husband suggested an IKEA double bowl farm sink. I love the look but wasn’t sure about the countermount transition. Your thoughts? Thank you!

    • Thanks Carol! I LOVE my ikea sink! This is the second house we have installed it in. To add it to this kitchen we did have to cut the countertops in place using a diamond grinding disc, which was something that granite fabricators we spoke to warned us against adamantly(apparently people have cracked and ruined their granite, so our official stance is that we recommend trying to find a professional willing to do it for you). In our case there was chipping, but it was completely covered by the lip of the Domsjo sink. Other styles of farmhouse sinks would have allowed the damage to show. We also sealed under the lip of the sink with silicone caulking. Because the sink is so heavy, we reinforced the existing cabinet using 2x4s and the hardware provided by Ikea. I am so happy with it- I hope that helps!

  12. Hi! Your kitchen looks stunning! Congrats on an awesome job!
    I have a question for you, how did you cut the existing granite? Back splash and the sink?? My kitchen is an exact replica of your before and I’m having trouble finding information regarding cutting out the back splash and sink. . Please help! Thank you

  13. What a beautiful bright and light kitchen. We too have just finished ours – I’d love to know what you think. I particularly love your central light and the pops of colour from your accessories. Now time to enjoy – hurray! :)

  14. Beautiful! I realize this is a year plus after your original post but I am desperately trying to find a faucet to put on my new Domsjo sink and I love yours! Pretty ones aren’t easy to come by! Do you happen to remember where you got yours from? Thanks so much!

  15. I absolutely love your kitchen! What color paint and brand did you use? I have gotten so many suggestions to roll on but I’m planning on spraying the cabinets. Thank you!!

  16. I see that the link for the paint for the cabinets is just “white”. Could it be that easy for that beautiful paint color without being to stark-white. However I do not see the color choice for the grey walls. You have heard it a thousands times, your kitchen is just beyond beautiful!

    • Hi Rhonda! Thank you for the kind words :) Yes, the cabinets are plain out-of-the-can white- although I would probably add a tint if I did the project over again. The wall paint color is Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl.

  17. Your hard work paid off as your kitchen doesn’t look anything but professional. I have started my project last week but I am using the BM Advance for my kitchen. I used the cabinet coat semi gloss for my bathrooms but did not find the paint to be semi gloss finish. The semi gloss finish is what I am looking for and I find that the Advance is little more glossy than Cabinet coat. On the other hand, I wont know about chipping and peeling for another year or so. I have read all the reviews on the internet about CC and Advance. Nowhere did I find any critical reviews of the Advance paint. Please help me in understanding why you are against Advance paint for the cabinets. Thank you

    • Hi Adam,
      I’m not against the Advance, just simply impatient. :) We were also painting our cabinet interiors and shelves, and wanted to be able to have our kitchen back more quickly than the Advance would cure. We have since used it for other projects that weren’t shelves and it has held up beautifully.

      • Hi Nina – Thanks for your reply. For the same reason, I am planning to switch from Advance to CC. What did you use with CC – Satin or Semi Gloss. I used the semi gloss CC for my bathrooms, they look very good. Planning to use the same for the kitchen but I heard from the BM salesman that 60% people use Satin for the kitchen. I know it will hide more and look better in Satin but the cleaning will be a lot easier with Semi Gloss. Balance between cleaning and looks I guess.

        • We went with the satin, it has a nice sheen! Like you said, we thought it would hide more. But I think it’s just a matter of preference.

  18. So beautiful! Love the look of this kitchen. These kitchen cabinets are so beautiful. I am inspired with your work and can’t wait to try this. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Your kitchen is so pretty and gorgeous. I want a white kitchen desperatly.. I would love to have my kitchen look like yours.Thanks for this blog.

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